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Human Hair Extensions – Hair Solutions Without A Bias

27 July;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Human Hair Extensions – Hair Solutions Without A Bias

The market for hair extensions is huge and is growing by the minute. People use extensions for all kind of reasons, such as hair-loss or for simply enhancing the way they look. Now-a-days people want change and want to change their hairstyles even before they get them. However, sadly there are only so many hairstyles that you can get after a hair-cut. Hence, it becomes imperative to take the help of accessories like hair extensions to enhance your looks. And it is not just celebrities who are using them today. Everyone, whether it is a school going kid or a married woman is using hair extensions to get the latest look. There is no bias of age or class when it comes to using hair extensions.

Hair extensions are made up of either human hair or synthetic fibers each of which comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Human hair extensions are preferred because of their superior quality and durability. They can also be styled and designed better than synthetic hair because they are natural and can resist the pressure and heat of iron curlers and straighteners. Human hairs have the cuticle layer intact on them and also all the cuticles on high quality human hair extensions are processed such that they are in the same direction. This gives two advantages, firstly, the cuticle layer reflects light which makes them shine and secondly because of them being in one line, they remain tangle free and free flowing.


Extensions made of human hairs can be made by two ways, one is by directly cutting human hair and processing it which is called Remy hair and other is by collecting fallen hair (collected from salons) and processing them to form hair extensions which is called non Remy hair. This is the cheaper option in human hair and needless to say the former extensions are higher in quality as they have all cuticles in one direction and possess the advantages illustrated earlier. The latter extensions (the non Remy ones) are not of the same high quality as the natural ones and are prone to get tangled and get worn off in a very small period of time.

The qualities of extensions which are made of fallen human hairs or the non Remy ones have been identified as being of three types, namely, quality A, quality B and quality C. Quality A hair is the premium quality hair which has all the cuticles smoothed and arranged in one direction and which has all the hairs present in one size on the weft. These extensions in their category of non Remy hair give the best look to the wearer; they are also cheap and easily available.

Quality B is the middle quality hair where although the cuticles are arranged in the same direction and thus give a smooth finish, the hair lengths in the weft are of 2 inch difference. However, there are no short hairs. It is almost similar to quality A type of hair and is superior to quality C type of hair.

Quality C is similar to A and B. However, it has hairs of different lengths in the weft which does not give it the smoothest of finish. This hair should be your last option while choosing the quality of the hair extensions. Choose Remy hair always and if you can’t, chose quality a non Remy.

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