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Avoid Women’s Hair Loss – Smart Hair Care Tips

23 October;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Avoid Women’s Hair Loss – Smart Hair Care Tips

Article by Keith Haltman

Is it possible to stop or even prevent hair loss in women with the right kind of hair care? Well… the answer is not all the time. Several things that can cause that are imbalances and genetic causes. There can also be external factors in the environment or certain conditions with the scalp. This is just one of the reasons it is important to practice proper hair care. Another reason to be vigilant with your hair care is that healthy follicles are less likely to succumb to internal issues than unhealthy follicles. Keep reading this article for hints on how to keep your hair and scalp as healthy as they can possibly be.

A healthy diet is essential for hair care. It’s really true, if you want healthier hair, you should improve the way you eat. Make sure that you get enough protein since that is what primarily makes your hair. Ask your doctor which foods, vitamins and supplements will improve the health of your hair. You may need to up your iron intake. Or you might require more Vitamin D or potassium. After consulting with a doctor, you may end up with a whole new way of eating. Before you apply shampoo to your hair, make sure that it’s completely wet. Shampoo, believe it or not, is made up of some pretty harsh chemicals. Your best protection against these is the water that you use in the shower. Shampoo applied to dry hair can cause it to break down, even as it does its job of cleaning it. If you don’t want to accelerate women’s hair loss issues, always apply lots of water to your hair before washing it.

You are better off with a simple hairstyle that doesn’t need much attention. If your hair requires you to add all kinds of gels and sprays to stay in place, your style is too complex. Ideally, your hair should not take more than five minutes of your attention at a time. Any style that requires more time than this should be simplified. Your type of hair, as well as the way your face is shaped have to be considered when you decide how long to keep your hair. Hair that is very fine will look too flat if you keep it very long. A short cut, on the other hand, does not usually work well for hair that’s very curly.

The healthiest way to keep your hair is to find the style that demands the least work and products to maintain.

Completely stopping hair loss has many considerations that need to be made. Hair loss can happen more readily for some women depending on many factors.

The best thing to do is not give up, and always try to find alternatives and options. Yes, hair care that is done right can very often spell the difference between the quality of hair and amount of it. Maintaining healthy hair and scalp will go very far with helping you to keep your hair into the future. There are more tips and suggestions for healthy hair, so just try to learn and use them.

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{Whether or not you will lose your hair is really up to your genetic code and internal workings. But keeping your hair healthy can make a big difference in influencing when you experience hair loss. Even women who have hair loss running in their families can postpone its occurrence by applying the right hair care techniques. The problem is, it can be hard to decide what to do with so many differing ideas on the subject. We’ve gathered some of the most widely recognized methods to help prevent hair loss.


Female Thinning Hair- 5 Simple Tricks To Avoid It

23 August;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Female Thinning Hair- 5 Simple Tricks To Avoid It

Article by Barisa Wyse

Female thinning hair is usually a very disturbing event for most women, nevertheless there are actually a number of simple things which you can do to lessen this problem. In this article we’ll check out 5 very easy ways you might take that should help reduce the occurrence and concern related to female thinning hair.

The subsequent guidelines aren’t intended to be a guarantee to resolve the female thinning hair problem, however they can go a long way in reducing the amount and frequency of hair loss for women.

Tip 1. Love Your Scalp

When we talk about what leads to hair loss much of the consideration is of course focused on the hair itself. What lots of people forget is the important role played by the scalp in promoting healthy hair growth. Think of your scalp as being the soil for your hair, much like the task performed by dirt when growing a vegetable garden. If you have poor soil, you’ll wind up having a poor vegetable garden. The same can be said when looking at the scalp. If you do not possess a healthy scalp, then why would you expect to get healthy hair? This fact underlines the need for taking good care of your scalp by frequently washing and shampooing it to get rid of the accumulation of dirt, oils and residues from hair care products. Also it is vital to frequently do a gentle massage of the scalp to improve circulation just as you’d till the soil in your vegetable garden to promote good soil drainage.

Tip 2. Be Kind To Your Hair

Your hair is a living part of your body and as such must be taken care of! Many hair care products bought today contain very harsh components that can seriously damage your hair. Some shampoos for example contain sulfates used to provide the foaming effect of the shampoo, however chemicals like sulfates are very hard on your hair, and utilized for extended periods of time will injure your hair and scalp. Think about purchasing all natural products when it comes to shampoos and hair conditioners to help you avoid this problem.

Added potential dangers to your hair health and are causes of hair loss include some kinds of perms, hair coloring solutions, as well as heated styling devices. Merely waiting at least 6 weeks before hair applications and permitting your hair to air dry as frequently as possible are easy solutions to the forementioned problems.

Tip 3. Avoid Harmful Hair Styles

Not all hair looks are created equal. There are some hair styles which were found to be more damaging and stressful than others which often help to promote female thinning hair problems. Any kind of hair styles which could possibly break your hair must be avoided. These include familiar styles like pony tails and cornrows which often tear, rip, and stretch the hair resulting in permanent hair damage.

Tip 4. Health and Hair

Procedures to stopping hair loss should on no account ignore the very close relationship between having healthy hair and living healthy in general. Sometimes female thinning hair problems are merely a very noticeable symptom of problems related to poor health in general. To put it another way, if you would like healthy hair, you need to have a healthy body. So if you are alarmed having a loss of hair, consider your overall health status. Are you eating the appropriate foods to obtain the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep the body in tip top shape, getting regular exercise, drinking ample water, and getting sufficient sleep? All of these basic keys to good health will also affect the ability of your body to avoid the problem of female thinning hair by promoting healthy hair growth.

Tip 5. Hair Aid

Many individuals for one rationale or another struggle to maintain a diet that is sensible and healthy. This can be where vitamin and mineral supplements might help offset poor eating habits and supply the necessary ingredients missing from their diet. As pointed out in Tip 4, any improvement in general body healthiness will help with hair health. For example, taking additional calcium for bone health has a direct relation to hair health, as it helps to reinforce the hair roots and follicles within the scalp which can promote more and thicker hair growth.

Hopefully you realize the 5 tips mentioned above could be very simple to make part of your every day living and hair care routine. Using these straightforward tips would be a very good starting point when coping with a female thinning hair problem and assist you to keep more of your precious hair on your head, instead of in the waste basket.

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Hair Care to Avoid & Never Use

3 July;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Care to Avoid & Never Use

The hair care industry grosses about billion annually. This says a lot about how people feel about their hair and how they want it to look. Just like any other part of our bodies we want our hair to look naturally healthy, and beautiful. This is why people will go to such great lengths and do almost anything to get the hairstyle or texture that they want.

By walking down the hair aisle at any grocery or drug store you can see the amount of hair care products on the market. From shampoo to conditioners, to coloring, moisturizing, straightening and curling sprays, gels, creams, oils or foams, these products promote silky, healthy, gorgeous hair. However, once you get the product home, your hair falls flat, dry and frizzy. Most of the promises that hair care products offer are a load of bunk. Although, even if you are buying the right hair care products this doesn’t mean that you are keeping up with the basic hair care guidelines.

It’s amazing what people will try to get their hair to look good. Throughout the years you have heard of hair care faux pas that people make however, even after people hear about these mistakes they still try it or continue to do it with their own hair. But all they really need to do is follow the basic guidelines of hair care, use the right hair care products and their hair would be beautiful and healthy, like the way they want it.

Here are a list of hair care don’ts, some of which you have heard of, some which you may be using, and some that just seem out of this world. If you are doing this to your hair, stop it immediately and you will notice a change in the way your hair feels and looks.

1.     Never us a clothing iron to straighten your hair. Whoever thought of using a clothing iron to straighten their hair, probably thought they were ingenious at the time but should have quickly realized how bad it was for their hair. It may have been the cool thing to do in the 70’s but now it is just damaging to your hair. Heating tools, especially clothing irons dry out hair and will eventually fry the hair strands. Today flat irons, blow dryers and curling irons are specially designed to straighten, flatten and curl your hair to your desired style.

2.     Don’t brush your hair when it’s wet. When your hair is wet it is in its most vulnerable state and can be easily stretched and broken. As well as using a regular brush can be damaging to your hair because it’s prongs are spaced unevenly and sporadically causing hair to go every which way making hair more likely to break. Avoid using a regular brush to brush your hair when it’s wet. Using a wide toothcomb to detangle wet hair is gentler on your hair.

3.     Never purchase at home hair color in a box. It may be cheaper, but it’s not worth it to your hair. If you have never experienced using hair color on your own, this is one thing you can avoid. Ask your friends, it never turns out the way you want it and if used incorrectly can damage your hair. Leave the coloring up to the professionals. They know what they are doing and can make it come out the actual way you want it.

4.     Avoid excessive coloring too frequently or close together. Because of the chemicals involved in coloring hair, avoid coloring hair excessively in a short period of time. The hair can become over processed by the chemicals and break or fall out. Ask your hair care professional when would be appropriate time to return for your next coloring.

5.     Don’t use a clarifying hair product more than once a week. Hair clarifying products are made to be more potent than regular products to strip the hair of daily buildup and residue from the use of other products. If you use clarifying products more than once a week you run the risk of stripping your hair of its natural oils and moisture. This will leave your hair dry and brittle. Consider using a moisturizer when not using a clarifier to return moisture and nutrients back into the hair strands.

6.     Avoid over oiling your hair. Although oiling your hair can improve the health and look of your hair it can also be detrimental if overdone. Do not oil your hair more than twice a week. If hair is over oiled it can block the pores within the hair strands which allow nutrients, and oxygen in. Not to mention that too much oil in your hair makes your hair look unwashed. Excessive oil can also cause dust and dirt to stick to hair strands making it dirtier.

7.     Never use sun-lightening products. Although the sun can lighten your hair, sun lightening products will actually damage your hair. Lemon juice and sun lightening products will actually cause your hair to break and fall out, so never use them.

8.     Avoid over exposure to the sun, chlorine and salt water. The sun, salt and chlorine dries out the hair sucking out the moisture. This leaves the hair without essential oil and nutrients. Hair becomes brittle, weak and lifeless making it easier to break. Always bring a hat, umbrella or sit in the shade when you know you will be exposed to the sun for long periods of time.

9.     Don’t use excessive product in your hair. Although it used to be cool to use a ton of product in your hair, now a days stiff locks are just plain not cool. Over use of product leaves residue on your hair strands that build up over time and which regular shampoo can’t remove. This can lead to your hair becoming lifeless and limp. If you must use a product use only enough to style your hair. The objective is to use as little product as possible to make it look like you aren’t using a product at all.

10.  Don’t cut your own hair. Even though as a little kid we think its funny to cut our own hair, as an adult it is not the way to go. There is no way of knowing if you are cutting straight or if you cut all of your hair. You will always end up with a mess of uneven strands because there is no way of seeing 360 degrees around your head. Even if you are trying to be cheap in today’s economy you can still get a decent hair cut for about which isn’t a lot, and its worth it. That’s why they are the professionals.


So the next time you want to try something on your hair make sure it follows the hair care guidelines and won’t ultimately damage your hair in the long run. Too much of one thing can be very bad for your hair. And always leave the hard stuff up to the hair care professionals!

Graduated with a BA in exercise science and have worked in the medical field since.  My focus is alternative medicine however all aspects of health interest me.  Check out my health website!

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Avoid Bad Hair Days with Hair Extensions and Hair Extension Kits

Article by Demaret Scott

The hair is a man or woman’s crowning glory, so they say and they could never be wrong. The hair sits like a crown on every person’s head. It can transform an individual look at a stroke of the brush. For that added volume and different look, hair extensions have become in vogue. Hair Extensions Online offers superior silky weave human hair extensions, clip-in hair extensions, pre-bonded hair extensions, wigs and other hair pieces.

Hair Extensions Online has only the finest 100% human hair extension in its niche. It is actually the leading online supplier of clip in hair extensions and hair extension kits. You can choose from a variety of colors and styles to suit your need in every occasion. The different styles can make possible what every appearance you want to take. Long hair, short hair, stylish, sexy to increase volume and thickness, it is all up to you how you would want things to be.

The hair extension clip-ins can be curled, waved, straightened, or just attached as they are. You have the synthetic styles in wavy or straight to choose from. At Hair Extensions Online you are at liberty to choose from its collection. They are lightweight and easy to attach without giving your hair a pull. They can be affordable to give value to your dollar.

At Hair Extensions Online the silkiest of hair are used to make hair extensions and hair extension kits to keep abreast with the ever changing roles of the contemporary woman. There is always something to add to make the woman beautiful in every aspect of her life. If it is a romantic dinner or a business trip, style of the hair can enhance the look of every woman. Short or long or wavy or straight nothing is impossible for Hair Extensions Online. Hair is the online store’s business and this hairy business is a big deal.

Hair extensions don’t need a lot of fuss to use. They are instant and can be fitted anywhere without the help of a hairstylist. It is a matter of getting used to it. When you have acclimatized you can sure style it like your own hair. Don’t go on a trip without one. There are always invitations for dinner, a drive there or lunch at your favorite rendezvous. You can never tell.

Looking a little bit glamorous doesn’t hurt. In fact it enhances your stance and puts on an air confidence. With hair extensions and all its attending accessories you can never go wrong. Hair extension kits can be best friend you will be with in your trips, business dealings in parties wherever it is that needs you to put your best face forward and your hair down.

There is one store online that can provide you with whatever you need for your hair glorification. The Hair Extensions Online is just a smile away. Click on it and get beautiful. The price is realistic. As the kits won’t hurt hair and so does your pocket. Trust the online store. It is the only one you’ve got.

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Avoid hair coloring to prevent damaging of your hair

20 May;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Avoid hair coloring to prevent damaging of your hair

Article by Sansal geel

People these days do not mind getting their hair colored. They are ready to spend any amount of money in coloring their hair. One must read hair color reviews before using it and should avoid damaged hair coloring. You must make sure that your hairs are in perfect condition to get colored and always consult a hair expert before you plan to get your hair inked. Read on to know more.

Coloring, perming, blow drying, straightening and what not, people are ready to go up to any extent to get a new hair style. They do not think about whether their hairs are ready for these kinds of things. All they care about is to have to latest ongoing hair style. Damaged hair coloring is something which shouldn’t be practiced at all, but youth these days give a damn about it and go for any kind of hair coloring techniques. Hair color reviews are something very important to read before you plan to apply them on your hair. One must read what experts say about a particular hair color and for what type of hair is it suitable. Always go for good quality hair colors and it is even better to go for natural hair colors in order to prevent your hair from damaging.

Hairs are very tough to manage; it takes ages and a lot of labour and patience to get perfect hair. Regular use of shampoo makes your hair rough, dry and tampered. The sudden increase of chemical products in the market have attracted a lot people and inclined them towards using them to get perfect hair. One should always go for more natural ways to protect and maintain their hair. Hair color reviews must be taken by an expert and hair coloring should always be done by a professional. Along with that damaged hair coloring should be a big no. First try and bring your hair in a state in which they are allowed to color. Always consult experts to know what would suit your hair and what not. Herbal and natural products do minimum damage to your hair but you must always seek advice from experts before using them also. Weekly hot oil treatments would ensure your hair look more healthy and shiny. Along with that it is mandatory to condition to your hair in order to remove dirt from them. Hair is something which makes you look beautiful if they are in proper condition. Your most percentage of beauty lies in how good your hair is.

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People these days do not mind getting their hair colored. They are ready to spend any amount of money in coloring their hair.


Hair Extensions Nightmare You Need to Avoid

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Hair Extensions Nightmare You Need to Avoid

It is a known fact that for a woman, her hair is her crowning glory. Having a bad hair day is tantamount to having a bad day and obviously bad looks. To fix this issue, many turn to hair extensions to restore their crowning glory into a hair worth bragging. But if you fall into the wrong hands, you might experience the worst hair extension nightmare and that is a fake looking extension. To avoid this nightmare, hair extensions Manchester and hair extensions London experts recommends the use of human hair extensions. Real hair extensions handled by the right Manchester hair extensions experts is equals to a perfect looking hair.

Before you go for hair extensions, it is a good idea to have an initial consultation to know how long it would take to put the hair extension. Depending on the look that want and the number of human hair extensions to be placed, a Manchester hair extensions expert needs at least an hour or can even take up to five hours to successfully and beautifully install real hair extensions. The thickening process alone can take 1-3 hours according to hair extensions London experts. On the other hand, the if you wish to lengthen your hairstyle, then prepare to spend 4-5 hours with a hair extensions Manchester expert.

It is during the initial consultation that you will be advised by hair extensions London experts on how long it would take them to place the hair extension. The hair extensions Manchester salon would also advise you on how much it would cost to get human hair extensions. Usually the initial consultation is free for hair extensions Manchester salons. They would also give you a free assessment on what type of hair extensions would best suit you. Real hair extensions alone have different choices and variety according to texture of hair, color, length and so on.

For a natural look, it is recommended that you choose real hair extensions that have the same style color as your hair. As much as possible, the hair extension should look very natural. This is where human hair extensions have a big advantage over synthetic hair extensions. This also draws the line between amateur hair extensions Manchester and Manchester hair extensions experts. One good indicator that you are with a good hair extensions London expert is when they make use of custom-made extensions especially for you. They would even keep records for each of their client for future reference.

The name you can trust when it comes to hair extension is Lucinda Ellery Hair Extensions Salon. With hair extensions London and Manchester hair extensions salons, Lucinda Ellery became the number one choice for many celebrities. Human hair extensions and real hair extensions are their specialties since 1984. For more than 25 years, they had been wowing their clients with their expertise. With a huge team of hair extensions Manchester and London experts, they became one of the biggest in UK. You are assured that your crowning glory will be in good hands with the experts in Lucinda Ellery.

Kelly Brendle is the author of this article on Hair Extensions. Find more information about Hair Extension here.