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What lace wig adhesives or Tapes is the BEST

30 March;  Author: Hair Extensions Australia

What lace wig adhesives or Tapes is the BEST

Lace Wig Adhesives are Bonds used to attach Lace wig systems to the skin or scalp.

There are so many Lace Wig adhesive on the market today due to the popular demands for lace wig syetems.

Adhesives are usually liquid or tape formulations.

Liquid adhesives are either stong bonds such as Acrylic formulars such as Ultra Hold ahesive. Such hard bonds proof to be long lasting giving aroung 1-6 weeks hold if applied correctly depending on the skin types.

Other adhesive bond fomulars are silicon based like vapon adheisve or Waterbased such as the Oil resistant White glue.

Adhesive bonds hold depends on the skin type and lifestyle.

Daily wear: (1-5 day hold) – these are ideal for daily or short holds. Great for customers removing their units daily, or every few days. They seem less gummy or tacky.  Such are Mity Tite , Liquid Tape. also ideal touch-up glues  

Extended wear: ( 1-2 weeks Hold) . These are ideal for people needing holds longer than daily hold, but also not looking for longest bonds either. It is a popular type as many people re-apply their units every 2 weeks. Such are Davlyn green, Oil resiatant white glue, Mr C, Invisibond, Secure bond  

Extended Wear: ( 2- 6 weeks Hold). Thess are ideal for people seeking longer holds from soft bond ashesives. Hold duration depends on temperature, humidity, and body oils. They can last for 6 weeks.  Adheisves are most tacky and may require more skill to apply. Suc are Ultra Hold, Fabulous Hold, Vapon No tape, Safegrip

Most Lace wig adhesives are water resistant, hence you may swim with your system.

It is always advisable to perform a skin patch test 24hrs before the full application on lace wig adhesive of choice.

Tape adhesives are mainly polymeres and also varies in strength based on the requirements.

Either for daily wears, or extended wears. Lace wigs or toupee tapes are usually double sided and require no drying time.

At Fabulous Front Lace wigs,  You would find we stock most of these adhesives are tapes for lace wigs, toupee and hair replacement systems.

There in no BEST adhesives/tapes only the one that works best for each person to achieve the required results.


Thomas has over 7 years experince in the hair replacement industry.

Qualified stylist for lace wigs and extensions.

Based at Fabulous Front Lace Wigs