Swiss Cosmetic Suppliers Investigated For Price Fixing

29 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

pThe Permanent Secretariat of the Competition Commission (COMCO) filed sanctions against numerousnbsp; corporationsnbsp; in the cosmetic and perfume sectornbsp; . An 18-month examinationnbsp; into the businessesnbsp; of the Association of Manufacturers Importers and Suppliers of Cosmetics and Perfumery (ASCOPA) found sufficient factual basisnbsp; to warrant potentialnbsp; sanctions ./p
pASCOPA consistsnbsp; of mostly high price brands such as LOreal Produits de Luxe Suisse, Chanel, Clarins, and others are amongnbsp; the corporationsnbsp; to be potentially finednbsp; ./p
pThere has been a on-going war for years amongnbsp; the high end companiesnbsp; and the corporationsnbsp; that sellnbsp; a title=lt;span class=posible_changer id=spin_18 onclick=ShowSpinOptions(18)gt;Discountlt;/spangt; lt;span class=posible_changer id=spin_27 onclick=ShowSpinOptions(27)gt;Beautylt;/spangt; Products href= target=_blankdiscount beauty products/a./p
pCOMCO is currently accusing ASCOPA member companies with illegal agreements on prices and quantities. The Secretariat of COMCO saysnbsp; to have gatherednbsp; increasingly obvious evidences that the companies concerned were able to harmonize their prices and protect their market share thanks to information exchanges./p
pEach companies liability is based on turnover as well as the inclemency of the violation. The finenbsp; will fallnbsp; between 17,000 to 25.5 million Swiss francs./p
pnbsp;Somenbsp; of the corporationsnbsp; have issued a formal refutation of any violation of any of the competition laws in Switzerland. LOreals Swiss subsidiary states that it will respond to the COMCO allegations as soon as it is given full details as Swiss procedure ensuresnbsp; ./p
pCOMCOs report is the foundationnbsp; for the Competition Commission in Switzerland to make its final conclusion. Comments from the firms involved are also included as a basis for the Competition Commissions determinationnbsp; ./p
pThe investigationnbsp; was startednbsp; in December 2008 after the Competition Commision gatherednbsp; warningsnbsp; that pricing information was being exchanged betweennbsp; members of ASCOPA./p
pIt should be determined whether the sharing of the information between association members had an impact on the competitiveness of the members and if it constituted a prohibited exclusivity agreement, the commission said./p
pThe continuednbsp; presence of a title=Discount Beauty Supplies href= target=_blankdiscount beauty supplies/a on the world market almost guaranteesnbsp; that such battles will continue for years to come./p

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