Study Regarding the Effects of UV Radiation on Hair

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Study Regarding the Effects of UV Radiation on Hair

Journal of Investigative Dermatology published an article in January of 2009 with findings provided by the Department of Dermatology at the University of L├╝beck in Germany and by Zhejiang University in Hangzhou, China. Both are researching the effects of excessive exposure to UV Radiation (UVR) and have found UVR to be one of the most harmful environmental influences on human skin.

Findings were made using a human organ model, a living human tissue interaction system under physiologically relevant in situ conditions as normal skin and hair would normally be. When irradiated with UVB light, one of two common types of Ultra Violet light, reduction of the hair shaft elongation, premature catagen entry and reduced hair matrix keratinocyte proliferation were the major damages observed.

Also, if using low or high amounts of radiation, apoptotic cell death and necrotic cell death either prevailed or was a completely dominant effect. Both university investigators concluded that UVR does play an intricate role in modifying hair growth and cycle, can promote cell death and encourages regulatory events in human hair follicles in vitro. This data collected from the human organ model encourages its use for general investigation of UV-induced effects as well as for testing possible agents for their UV-protective agents.

We at our Orange County Hair Transplant Clinic follow a strict no sun exposure policy for 6 months after hair transplant surgery for all our patients. We highly recommend to all our patients and visitors to also practice sun block application or minimize overexposure to the sun on unprotected parts of their body and scalp area. These findings have made it clear that UVR is a damaging natural occurrence and urge our patients to take precautionary steps to further prevent hair loss.

A student in the Medical Field, I take scientific findings from my studies and from medical experts and put them down in writing for the general public. My writings are meant for educational purposes and for review by medical professionals but also meant to be read by the world.

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