Some tips about dry, coarse or processed hair

12 April; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Some tips about dry, coarse or processed hair

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Here we will discuss about three types of hair. Dry hair, coarse hair and processed hair. We sometimes think that hair care and hair maintenance mean following a same routine for every type of hair texture. But it is not like that. Different type of hair needs different hair care regimen what is perfect for dry hair does not necessarily mean that it would be perfect for coarse hair.

Some tips about dry hair: Our scalp glands produce oil. In oily hair the oil is in excessive level, but for the dry hair oil that is produced by the scalp is less than the amount required. Scalp oil is required to moisturize the hair. For dry these oil glands are few in numbers comparing normal hair. That is why dry hair is brittle and in want of moisture. Always wash hair with an emollient shampoo. It should not be harsh. It must soften your hair. It should moisturize your hair. For dandruff you can use a shampoo with coal tar. Any anti-dandruff shampoo generally makes your hair more dryer. Dry your hair naturally. Avoid hair dryer as much as possible. For conditioning you can use one which is full of extra protein and apply it on the hair ends and oily on the hair. Alcohol free hair styling products are good for you hair. Alcohol makes our hair damaged and brittle. The most effective and healthier products for hair is some ingredient and home based hair care regimen and remedies.

For gentle hair brushing apply a little amount of facial moisturizer on your hair and comb your hair smoothly to distribute the moisturizer equally on your hair. Be careful before applying any hair care products.

Some tips about coarse hair: curly hair with a dull looks and which is hard or stiff to style is known as coarse hair. Alkaline hair care products can be use to manage this type of products. It helps in softening your otherwise dull looking hair. Shampoo without proteins is recommended for this type of hair. Shampoo your hair with warm water. Conditioner is not necessary for this type of hair but you can use a simple cream rinse with hot water. This will smoothen your coarse hair and will give your hair a fantastic look. Rinse your hair with cold water for at least four minutes. For drying try to avoid hair dryers and go for some natural way. Put your towel on your hair gently and do not rub it. You can use a good quality styling product after doing your hair up again you can use a facial moisturizer. On your hair and brush it smoothly for equal distribution. This will make your hair silky and soft.

Some tips about processed hair: processed hair is something that attends lots of styling process. Priming, coloring, straightening and lots more. Your hair also needs to take sometime off from this processing routine and wants to have gentle care regimen. It might have become brittle and weak.

A shampoo rich in oil, protein and moisturizer and low in ptt is a perfect choice for your extra processed hair wash. These ingredients will help your tresses to be more strong and healthy. Never ever use strong chemical shampoos for a wash. Conditioner, which has hair repair elements, is preferable for processed hair. Hair remedies can be a good choice. You have lots of options open if you want to follow the ayurvedic for your hair care.

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