Some News On Hair Extensions

19 April; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Some News On Hair Extensions

The concept of hair extensions is not new to us; it has been in use for a long time. But the procedure of application has been modified and made easy for the convenience of customers. Hair extensions can be applied and maintained for six to eight months with extreme care and protection.


Apart from adding length, hair extensions have many benefits. They give volume to hair and hair can be highlighted with various colored hair extensions. Those who can not grow their hair are good customers of hair extensions. A few years back hair extensions were glued or woven into hair, hence, making it a complex procedure. Some people still weave them into hair but it gives unnatural and messy look.

Application of hair extensions

Today hair extensions are applied to the Caucasians with heating method. Both human hair extension and synthetic hair extensions can be applied with this method. A small section of hair is chosen where hair extensions are to be attached, and with the help of flat iron the tip of extension is melted. Since the tips are very soft, they are rolled between fingers and attached to the hair. Hair extensions are applied in sections starting from back of the head moving towards the crown area. In order to blend hair extensions with natural hair, extensions should not be attached to the top of the head. Extensions should be attached away from the scalp. By doing so hair extensions will not get stick with the scalp and natural look will be obtained.

Why should one wear hair extensions?

There are many reasons for women and men to get hair extension.  Firstly, hair extensions give immediate increase in length and add volume to hair. Secondly, they can cover a bad hair cut. Thirdly, they give fine highlighting without dying your natural hair. Last but not least they give a different look to those who want to change their hair style.

Hair extensions provide length, volume, shine and new look to the hair. One should consult a hair stylist before selecting and applying hair extensions.


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