Shopper’s Guide To Halloween Wigs

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Shopper’s Guide To Halloween Wigs

Article by joyceamerson

Wigs are a great way to spark up your Halloween costume. Halloween is a time for many individuals to showcase their spunk, attitude, and creativity. Whether you buy or make your costume, a wig is an exceptional way to truly stay in character.

Afro Wigs

If you haven’t decided on a Halloween costume as of yet, consider a costume that requires the use of an Afro wig. Afro wigs are inspired by the round hair styles made popular by African Americans in the 1970s. Afro wigs can be small or extremely large. For women there are even afro wig pom pom ponytails. Instead of wearing one wig, the pom poms are strategically placed on the outer rim of your ponytails to create a cute disco era look. Men and women alike can have plenty of fun wearing an afro wig. In fact, the bigger the wig the better! Wear an afro wig with platform boots and shoes, plaid polyester bell bottom jeans, fitted big button blazers, or a long psychedelic sheath dress. That’s what’s happenin’!

Clown Wigs

Clown wigs are very similar to the aforementioned afro wig. Instead of being a monotone black color, clown wigs come in a variety of hues. Costume venues feature wigs that are a rainbow of colors (on one wig!), wigs that are divided into two colors, or wigs in one solid bright color. Some clown wigs even feature the signature clown bald spot in the middle with tufts of wiry curly hair spiraling out on the sides. You can really clown around in a clown costume and wig!’

Long Hair Wigs

Maybe you want to be a wicked witch? Maybe you desire to be Cher to your significant other’s Bono? Or maybe you desire to be a groovy lookin’ hippy or a rough looking barbarian? Long haired wigs are a quick and easy way to add length to otherwise short hair lengths. Wigs designed for witches can have a strip of gray hair down the middle, or be long and straight. You could also use a long haired wig to play Cousin It from The Addams Family! Be ghoulish or be provocative with long hair wigs.

Human Hair Wigs

Human Hair wigs are composed of, you guessed it, human hair. Bombshell Raquel Welch and former model Beverly Johnson have their own line of human hair wigs and lace front wigs for women. These wigs can not only be worn for Halloween; many women wear these stylish wigs on a day to day basis. However, if you want to turn heads come Halloween night we suggest a human hair wigs. Create a Victoria Beckham look or channel Bridget Bardot. These wigs may cost a pretty penny, but the looks on your friends’ faces will be worth it!

Other fun wigs worth trying include pompadours (think Elvis, Danny from Grease, 50s), reggae styles (think dreads, Rick James, braids with beads), curly red updos (think Lucille Ball or Carrot Top), or high phony ponytails (I Dream of Jeannie or the Jetsons).

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