Shabby-Looking Hair Extensions? Here Are 10 Reasons Why

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Shabby-Looking Hair Extensions? Here Are 10 Reasons Why

1. Inappropriate hair â?? It is unfortunate that some people’s hair is just naturally unsuitable for hair extensions. Don’t bother getting a hair extensions job done if your hair breaks after being pulled lightly or if is extremely short or fine.

2. Inexpert technicians â?? The number of people claiming to have expertise in applying hair extensions has risen in tandem with the popularity of hair extensions. In the UK virtually anyone can claim to be a professional expert considering the deregulation of hair extensions. It is prudent to approach persons working from their homes or unconventional locations like tanning salons with caution â?? its little wonder that some of these people lack the required qualifications.

3. Technique of attachment â?? Application techniques like weaving or gluing tend to be quite bulky at the hair roots and as such they look quite obvious.

4. Erroneous hair texture â?? The texture of the applied hair extensions should be similar to that of your natural hair. It is certainly ridiculous to add straight hair extensions to curly hair and vice versa.

5. Wrong type of hair â?? You simply cannot blend a thick natural hair type, i.e. Asian hair, with hair extensions that are really fine. The end result won’t look natural to say the least. Always ensure that your natural hair and your chosen hair extensions match in terms of density, texture and thickness.

6. Extensions that are poorly positioned â?? It defeats the whole purpose to have hair extensions added to certain areas of your head just because those parts have some hair. Ensure that the attachments are positioned a considerable distance away from both your crown and hair line.

7. Processed hair â?? Stay away from processed hair by all means. Extension hair should be virgin in nature and should have intact cuticles.

8. Inadequate styling and maintenance â?? Your hair extensions will certainly not look the part if you don’t wash your hair on a regular basis or apply hair products of top quality. While it is rather obvious that hair extensions should be treated exactly like natural hair, most first-timers actually believe that doing so will sound an early death knell for their extensions. Nothing could be further from the truth; treat the hair extensions just like you would for natural hair and you’ll definitely like what you and others see.

9. Bonds of poor quality â?? The quality of attachments needs to be excellent so as to complement the quality of hair extensions you’ve chosen to go with. It can be a very disturbing sight for others to see the adhesive that has been used to glue extensions to your natural hair.

10. Poor layering â?? An appropriate layering of the hair extensions is required for that impressive look to be achieved.

All the ladies currently weighing the option of getting hair extensions should make an appropriate review of this list so as to be better informed on what to avoid. It certainly pays for â??first timers’ to make a trip to a reputable salon and engage the experienced technicians there on all the nagging questions they may be having. With all these pointers at your fingertips you will be ready and prepared to make a dash for the salon door just in case they recommend Russia virgin extensions for your curly dark head hair!

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