Setting You Straight: The New Safe Alternative to Permanently Straightened Hair

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Setting You Straight: The New Safe Alternative to Permanently Straightened Hair

Article by Erica Ronchetti

If you want to permanently straighten your hair for more then just the occasional event or night out, the following article will fill you in on the pro’s and cons of permanently straight hair.  If you’re experienced when itcomes to permanent hair straightening, you may know a thing or two about all the hair relaxers on the market.  Before you set out to permanently straighten your hair, read about the latest products available.  You’ll then be able to make the best decision for your hair and scalp, avoid breakage and damage, as well as achieve the permanently straightened result that you want.Home Relaxing or “Permanently Straight Hair” Kits:Takes two hours, sometimes more for longer hair.  Both lye and other chemical strengtheners change the structure ofyour hair shafts, allowing you to permanently straighten your hair.  The chemicals “relax” the hair cortex and allow for permanently straightened hair.If companies claim that their chemical relaxers improve the health of your hair, you should know that’s a lie-harsh chemicals actually strip it.  While chemicals do permanently straighten hair, they leave it weak and damaged. You know chemical relaxer damage when you see it-broken hairs, hair thinning, and hair loss.  Sometimes it’s as bad as scalp burning!  If you choose to undertake this process, good luck.A Safer Alternative Hair Straightener…Many women still decide to use chemical hair relaxers to achieve permanently straightened hair, but there are healthier alternatives for both your hair and your scalp.It is possible to have beautiful, colored, straightened hair without damaging effects.A new alternative to the traditional hair relaxer, and the “no-lye” hair relaxer is the BodipHier hair straightener.  It is a revolutionary technique that both relaxes hair and adds body without the use of harsh chemicals and lye.  It’s both safe and natural in that the active ingredient is alkaline water.  The BodipHier hair straightener does not make the hair “totally pin straight” and wont help you damage and permanently straighten hair like other chemical relaxers do, but rather allows the hair to look more natural, keep its texture body.  Your hair will feel smooth, soft, and be easier to style and overall much more manageable. If heat is applied to the hair after it has been relaxed with a BodipHier, hair straightener it will feel even straighter, softer and feel silky.Even after the BodipHier hair straightener has been applied, hair still has a texture and elasticity, won’t look “frayed”, break easily, or appear damaged-it’s been fortified with vitamins, minerals and amino acids, and restored to its natural pH balance. When hair has been properly conditioned, it is in a much healthier state and is more capable of withstanding the stress of heat appliances.

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