Scar Revision for Post Hair Transplant Surgery

17 June; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Scar Revision for Post Hair Transplant Surgery

Most post hair transplant patients may undergo a scar revision procedure which is the correction or minimizing of the scar that was left in the donor area after a hair transplant by strip procedure. Patients are made aware prior that there will be a scar at the end of the procedure but there are options and ways to minimize its visibility. A few may include surgical techniques like trichophytic closure, follicular unit extraction, or even through Botox injectable treatment.

The most common and simplest way to correct most donor scars is by removing the scar tissue and reclosing the affected area. This alone can help minimize its visibility. On top of that, the surgeon may also opt to use trichophytic closure which is a technique used to allow hair follicles to grow into the scar area further minimizing its visibility.

Follicular unit extraction (FUE) is the process in which hair graft follicles are selectively extracted from the donor area without removing a strip of tissue. This process can also be used to fill in the donor scar. This will then further minimize its visibility or make nearly impossible to see the original scar.

In a recent study, some hair transplant surgeons have began applying Botox injections around the scar area after a procedure to help prevent excess stretching which may help prevent the scar from widening or over stretching. Not all surgeons practice this technique and there is no exact recommendation on the amount of Botox units to be used. The practicing surgeon is solely responsible for the amount of treatment that may be applied and should be kept within safe practice standards at all times.

Scars may take as long as 6 or more months to fully mature or heal. This time issue limits how soon a surgeon can begin any type of scar revision. It is recommended that patients and surgeons wait a minimum of 6 months (maturation period) after hair transplant surgery to even consider surgical scar revision.

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