Remy Hair Extensions

7 September; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Remy Hair Extensions

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Remy hair extensions are the best thing you can do for your hair, as far as varieties of hair extensions are concerned. Here is a brief guide to getting, and caring for, Remy hair extensions.What are Remy Hair Extensions?Before you get these extensions, you need to understand exactly what they are and what advantages they have over ordinary hair extensions, whether human or synthetic. The main differences are these: Remy hair tangles less, looks more natural, shiny and healthy, and is less prone to breakage. Here are the reasons why:* Remy hair have cuticles that all run in the same direction from root to tip. When cuticles run in different directions, they tangle, so unidirectional cuticles keep Remy hair tangle free.* Other varieties of human hair often have their cuticles shaved off. This prevents tangling, but since cuticles coat natural hair, they are what keep hair from drying out and looking shiny, as they reflect light. With them shaved off, hair becomes dull and brittle.* Thirdly, Remy hair is both fine and strong. This makes it less prone to styling damage and you can style your hair all you want just like you would style your natural hair. Synthetic hair can be severely damaged by heat so this is one major advantage of Remy hair extensions.Given all their advantages, it is understandable that Remy hair extensions are a little pricey; however, the results are well worth the price, as they give your hair a natural healthy bounce and glow.Which Variety of Remy Hair Extensions Should You Choose?* Remy hair extensions are available in the virgin and non-virgin hair varieties. Virgin hair is not chemically treated and hence there is little damage to it. Non-virgin hair may be dyed or bleached or otherwise processed, so it is obviously of a lower quality.* Another thing to choose from is single-drawn or double-drawn hair wefts. Single drawn hair wefts are those in which each weft contains hair of different lengths. Since natural hair grows this way, these look very natural.* Finally, there is the matter of origin. The finest quality Remy hair is Indian in origin as it is thin and strong. Chinese hair is very strong and silky straight, but it is thick and difficult to style. European hair is fine and smooth, and very light.Caring for Remy Hair Extensions:* Never sleep with the hair wet. It can cause tangling and breakage.* As extensions do not receive natural moisture and nourishment from the scalp, they need to be carefully moisturized and conditioned with the products recommended by the manufacturer.* Use a wide tooth comb to gently smooth out the hair. Do not brush roughly or pull or tug excessively.

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