ReGenica – A new treatment for hair loss

23 September; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

ReGenica – A new treatment for hair loss

Article by Sandy Warne

A small biotechnology firm is getting excited about the recently released results from the clinical trials of a new treatment for hair loss. Histogen, a firm based in San Diego, has been developing a treatment that they have named ReGenica. The therapy is based on research into the potential of stem cells without using products taken from embryos, and the clinical trials seem to indicate that the formula increased hair thickness and new hair growth after only two months.

The product is a liquid-based formula made from proteins that are present in the embryos in the early stage of development, which usually prompt stem cells to become either: bone, hair or blood. The proteins are harvested from fibroblasts, which are stem cells found in connective tissue. The newborn fibroblasts are grown in an environment that mimics an embryo after which the harvesting of the proteins, known as WNT, takes place. WNT has been shown in mice to cause stem cells to form new hair follicles and the trials have shown that in humans there is a similar response.

The five-month clinical trial was designed to assess the safety of the product but also to look at the efficacy of the product at specific points compared with previous animal trials. The results so far are promising both in terms of safety and outcome and doubtless if more extensive testing produces similar results then interest in Histogen will grow significantly.

Surveys over the past couple of years have shown that despite its rather mocked image, male-pattern baldness can be very damaging to mental health. Many men have said it has impacted on their self-esteem and left them depressed. However many do not seek treatment, especially in the UK, where a ‘put up and shut up’ approach in expected which, while stoic, offers men no space to admit how upsetting going bald can be.

Even though male-pattern -baldness is an affliction than many men all over the world suffer from, there are currently only two treatments that have been proven to work, Regaine and Propecia, both of which sell extensively. Regaine (or Rogaine if you’re American) can be bought over the counter at pharmacies throughout the UK and is a big seller for pharmaceutical company Johnson and Johnson; there is also a version for women. Propecia is only available with a doctor’s prescription and works by blocking the production of DHT, which is what testosterone is converted to. DHT is responsible for making scalp hair follicles smaller and incapable of supporting hair growth and so Propecia prevents further hair loss and can even promote new growth.

ReGenica clinical trials will be continuing later in 2009 and according to the presentation given by the CEO of Histogen at the Annual Stem Cell Summit in New York, the organisation will be meeting with the FDA over the coming months. The FDA is the organisation that authorises sales of new treatments in the US. On the internet there is a fair amount of chatter about the formula and it seems that many are waiting eagerly for further developments.

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