Real Hair Extensions vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

6 August; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Real Hair Extensions vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions

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<u>Hair Extensions Buying Real Hair Extensions vs. Synthetic Hair Extensions</u>

Hair extensions use to be the easy old clip on style. Today there are so many options how is a person to decide what is the best method or process to go with. Buying extensions as opposed to man made hair extensions can be a tough decision as well.

There are three or four processes that are now used for creating the new and improved look. The old clip on is still available and quite popular still today. Hot and cold fusion hair extensions are likely the most popular today, but need to be done by someone that knows what they are doing to help to avoid damage etc.

Extensions tend to be more costly but do provide a much better look and feel. The shine and natural movement of extensions is far superior to that of the synthetic type of extensions. It is important that your aware that if you buy extensions that are clip on styles that they will cause the least damage in comparison to the other treatments. Real hair also take on color much more naturally thus provides you with an even better look and feel. They are easy to put in and easy to take out, come in various lengths etc. this style is the most practical.

The bonding sealing method of hair extensions must only be done on clean untreated hair. The stylist will batch your hair strands and add to it a bonding agent. Once this is in place the extensions are added to the bond. They advantage of this method is the length of time they will last. If done properly, you will have no trouble getting 3-4 months out of them. Ensure you spend the money to have them done professionally as you can cause serious damage to your hair and scalp otherwise.

When you are ready to purchase your hair extensions it is important to look at the various colors that are available. Black hair extensions are likely the most popular, many women want to have that silky wavy black hair look that actresses like Megan Fox, and others have made popular today. Do some research, read some books and ensure you are well educated before making your decision. It is advisable to go with the cheaper styles of clip on extensions before making the move to the more permanent bonding type hair extensions. You will know what to expect without having to spend a lot of money on something you may not like.

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