Premature Hair Loss in Women

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Premature Hair Loss in Women

Article by Tracy Ballisager

Advice About Premature Hair Loss in Women

Balding or premature hair loss in women can be a distressing problem, not only because it is so obvious but because it can knock a woman’s confidence right down. Premature hair loss in women is a relatively common problem but fortunately it is often treatable, as long as you know what is causing it.

Causes of Premature Hair Loss in Women

The most common cause of premature hair loss is male or female pattern baldness, which is also called androgenic alopecia. Extra testosterone, hormones and DHT are present in this case, affecting the hair’s growing cycle. This means that more hair is shed than usual and some hair follicles die. Approximately 90% of premature hair loss in women is caused by androgenic alopecia.

Women in their late thirties and forties don’t produce as much estrogen and this can also cause hair loss, because the lack of estrogen can cause a slower hair growth and the death of some of the follicles. Malnutrition can result in premature hair loss in women too. If someone has irritable bowel syndrome or a similar disease, the body is often unable to absorb the necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals. Once the diet is back to normal, the hair usually grows back again.

There are various medications and treatments which can cause premature hair loss, such as chemotherapy, mood disorder medication, thyroid hormone or the lack of it and various antidepressants. If hair loss is listed as a possible side effect, this doesn’t mean everybody will experience hair loss.

Trichotillomania, which is a compulsive desire to pull out the hair, can result in premature hair loss in women. Excessive hair pulling can damage the hair follicles so much that they do not function any more, which is why this condition should be treated as soon as possible, either with cognitive behavioral therapy or antidepressant drugs.

Remedies for Premature Hair Loss in Women

There are various ways to treat hair loss, depending on the root cause. These treatments can be split into four categories, which are:

* Strong medications containing drugs* Non-drug commercial remedies* Natural remedies* Nutritional changes

There are only two FDA approved hair loss treatments, which are Rogaine and Propecia. Propecia is usually used for male hair loss but can have good results in women too. There are many non-drug commercial remedies on the market but it is a good idea to research these remedies because unscrupulous people also try to sell their wares which won’t have any effect on your hair loss problem. The best non-drug hair loss products to treat premature hair loss in women are the ones which have shown in field trials to encourage regrowth and minimize hair loss.

Natural remedies are also quite popular when it comes to premature hair loss in women. Gingko biloba, he shou wu, green tea, stinging nettle and saw palmetto are amongst these homeopathic hair loss treatments. The stresses of a modern lifestyle and poor nutrition can also negatively impact hair health. It is important to achieve a good balance of dietary fats and make sure you eat enough protein and carbohydrates. Premature hair loss in women is a problem but it can be treated, as long as you find the right remedy for you.

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