Orange County Hair Clinic at Home

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Orange County Hair Clinic at Home

Finally an in-home hair growth laser treatment that delivers results!  Hair Clinics have been around for quite some time however until recently the only way to have hair laser treatment done was by visiting a hair loss clinic. Although hair laser therapy has become more popular in the recent years , not every city has a hair laser salon conveniently close by.  With the increased demand for hair laser therapy and the current economic climate, Hair Growth Laser 50 realizes that unfortunately hair loss continues regardless of how well one is doing financially.

In efforts to cater to the ongoing demand of an affordable,  yet effective hair laser treatment, Hair Growth Laser 50 has manufactured several hands free, clinical strength lasers that guarantee results.  As a manufacturer of commercial hair lasers we know what it takes to get effective results.  Many in-home hair laser treatments on the market are effective however because of the inconvenience of their mode of delivery (i.e. hand held combs and lasers), many people do not stick to the treatment long enough to see results.  Using a hands free unit, same as one would use in a hair clinic, generates a higher success rate than the average competitor because users are more likely to stick to the recommended protocol.

The typical results seen by one of our in-home hair laser units are within the first 8-12 weeks of starting treatment.  Typically in the first few weeks clients notice an overall increase in shine and texture to the hair, after the first several months the overall feel of the hair is more thick and new hair growth begins to emerge. As the laser penetrates into the surface of the hair follicle the increase in blood flow causes the hair follicle to expand allowing for thicker, shinier, more healthier hair.

Hair Growth Laser 50 hands free laser are the state of the art way to treat hair loss in the comfort of ones own home.


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