Onix Smoothing Hair Treatment

11 May; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Onix Smoothing Hair Treatment

I am very happy that I started using Onix Smoothing Treatment, to replace the other Brasilian Keratin Treatments that I have been using up till now.  Being the first in Bristol to use this genre of hair taming systems, I am proud to be the first to use the second generation of treatments with added benefits.

The process is almost the same as the first generation keratin treatments.  You shampoo the hair with a clarifying shampoo.  Then you apply the cream just like a colour and allow developing for 15-20 minutes.  After that time the hair must be blast dried completely before you go through in fine sections with very hot straightening irons.  The heat from the irons delivers the keratin deep into the cuticle.  When you are finished ironing the hair can be rinsed and conditioned before styling the hair however you like.

Why Onix:

Gives your hair super shine and smoothness for at least three months.
You can’t over do this treatment; the infusion of keratin with frequent use can only improve the texture.
The process can be carried out straight after a colour.
It contains Guarana which gives a fresh and fruity fragrance.
Eliminates frizz without flattening the hair too much like chemical straightners can.
Will not dry or damage your hair, as the treatment is virtually chemical free.
Formaldyhede free formula.

It can be used on all hair types, even bleached hair, in fact the more damaged the better it works!
The best thing is NO DAY WAIT.  Unlike its competitors, you don’t have to leave Onix in your hair for 2-4 days before shampooing.  This is an excellent plus point, as ALOT of people were put off by the three day wait.  It’s not so bad if you have porous thick hair which absorbs the product, but for finer, greasy hair after the first day, your hair looks very dirty.  But this is no longer necessary!

Please feel free to check the onix web page on my website for more info:


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