On the hair, you know it there?

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On the hair, you know it there?

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Hair, or singular hair, is long hair on the human head. Hair color is genetically determined, in general, common in black, yellow, brown and red, etc., when the human aging, the hair usually becomes silvery white.chi flat iron

Only human hair will always grow, so often hair human needs, while the animal is no such phenomenon. One reason is unclear.

Some people’s hair is about 100,000.

In all the hair, the hair, the length of the longest, especially those women with long hair, some can grow to 90 ~ 100cm, even up to 200cm.

Under normal circumstances, hair growth is about 0.3 mm per day, about 1 mm 3 everlasting. Sunlight can speed up hair growth. Life of each hair is usually 2 to 4 years, the longest up to 6 years. If the hair straight, then 50 years, can grow to 6 meters. It is said that India has a history of China and the United States Academy of monks, and his hair is actually long to 7.9 meters, is the world’s longest hair.

Hair in the world, due to ethnic and regional differences, with black, yellow, reddish brown, red brown, yellow, gray and even green and red. Dyed hair dyed hair can also be a variety of colors. Research proves: hair color with hair metal elements contained in the different relevant. Black hair with the same amount of copper, iron and melanin, when the nickel content increases, they will become gray. Blonde hair with titanium, molybdenum red-brown hair with red-brown except copper, iron, there are cobalt, green hair is contained too much copper. In some African countries, some children’s hair was red, is the result of a serious lack of protein.

Yellow hair and the vast majority of black people as black, and white people have more variety of colors. The reason why there will be a different color hair, because hair distribution within the different number of melanocytes caused by large number of melanin granules, density, hair is black, the contrary is Talking about hair color in the sunlight will present different color.

Hair and skin is not the vertical growth of the general tilt angle 40 ° 50 ‘, and the tilt direction in different parts of the hair is also inconsistent, that is, they say, the formation of the “head vortex.”chi hair straightener

If a large number of hair loss is a disease, and mostly occurs in the case of systemic diseases such as acute infectious diseases got, like typhoid fever, scarlet fever, or suffering from chronic diseases such as tuberculosis, anemia, diabetes and endocrine disorders, as well as local skin Sick occurred, such as alopecia areata, seborrheic dermatitis, can cause hair loss.chi flat irons

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