Noriko Suzuki Wig

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Noriko Suzuki Wig

Article by Hubert Ackers

Wigs have been worn all throughout history. They used to be worn to show one’s status in society. Nowadays wigs are worn for numerous reasons. Some women unfortunately experience hair loss for one reason or another and they wear a wig to disguise their baldness. Other women wear wigs for style or for a special occasion. With wigs one does not have to change their natural hair in any way to achieve a completely new and dramatically different look. There are so many different kinds of wigs and wig designers.

Noriko Suzuki Wig styles are known throughout the fashion industry for their beautiful craftsmanship and their innovation. Her wigs are available in shorter styles such as True Lady, In Vogue, and Soho Square as well as longer styles such as Glam Runway Star, Be Simple, and Glam Fashionista. Noriko Suzuki Wigs come in different types too such as monofilament wigs and lace front wigs. Lace front wigs are more affordable than full lace wigs but they still provide the wearer with wig that looks like natural hair. Lace front wigs allow the wearer to bathe and sleep with the wig on as they would with their natural hair. Monofilament wigs are especially great for women with severe hair loss and a sensitive scalp. The monofilament cap is softer than traditional caps. What separates monofilament wigs from other wigs is that each strand of hair is individually hand-knotted to the nylon mesh just like each hair individually grows naturally. This provides the wearer with ultimate freedom in styling. Monofilament wigs allow the hair to be brushed, and parted in any direction.

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