New Hope in Hair Loss Treatment

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

New Hope in Hair Loss Treatment

The modern types of hair loss treatment are such an improvement on older techniques that there really is hope for everyone. Sufferers from male and female pattern baldness have reported a huge upturn in the success of their treatments: with parallel rises in the comfort experienced in post op situations. Where previously hair replacement therapy was considered painful and even dangerous, modern alternatives represent a far less invasive and far more successful solution to a problem that has caused embarrassment and discomfort for too many years already.

Older techniques of hair loss treatment were so painful and intrusive that they were classified as medically invasive surgery, often involving a painful recovery time that presented a high risk of post operation infection and a depressingly large chance that the therapy would not take. Modern techniques, by contrast, have been designed so well that they are now viewed as simple minor operations, with the only really likely after effect being a mild swelling that is easily controlled by prescribing anti inflammatory drugs.

The old style hair loss therapies involved removing large strips of donor skin with the hair still in it and grafting them onto the necessary sites. The technique did work, but it was painful and obvious – even the most skilled surgeon could do nothing about the natural growth direction of the donor hair, with the frequent result that the old hair loss treatment styles “took” with hair that was so obviously from another part of the body that it looked fake in most lights. Modern treatment involves selecting and removing individual follicles, which are chosen for their suitability in terms of growth direction, the follicles are implanted singly in the required area, whereupon they take root and shed. The root remains: the new hair grows quite naturally in its transplant position, and in the direction that the replaced hair should have been following. The results are almost completely natural and carry very little risk of failure or complication.

These new advances in hair loss treatment are offering a huge ray of hope to men and women alike – people whose congenital baldness or baldness resulting from some form of acquired illness, has been a bane of existence for many painful years. Accident victims are now able to re-grow hair even in plastic replacement areas, provided the graft has left some living tissue beneath: meaning that the new techniques are able to restore hair to a wide range of patients and sufferers. Because the techniques are way less invasive than old style hair loss treatment, there’s a much more forgiving recovery period – and the success of the operation is usually obvious after just a couple of weeks.

Hair loss has been a depressing fact of life for many UK residents over the last 30 years (and, of course, for a long time prior to that). There was no hope; then there was some hope; and now, with new procedures gaining quick currency in all major hair surgeries, there’s a lot more hope than ever before.

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