Natural treatment for hair care

3 November; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Natural treatment for hair care

Article by Stefania Constantin


Nutrition is the basis for a good health of the entire body, including hair. Hair treatments can only minimize the degradation, making it brighter, stronger, or giving a more intense color, but only a proper diet can stimulate a healthy hair growth.

Nutrients of any kind help keep a healthy hair, but its main support are proteins. (Hair contains 97% protein and 3% minerals). Important sources of protein are eggs, beans, yeast, peanuts, and dairy products. Yeast is an important source of vitamin B that helps in protein synthesis. On the other hand, sugar destroy vitamin B. In case of hair problems we have to be thinking of nutritional deficiencies. For example, a thin and dry hair shows that there are deficiencies of unsaturated fatty acids in the body, while dandruff draws attention to a lack of vitamin A and zinc.

In general, a well-balanced diet – containing a large amount of fresh fruits and vegetables, cereals and sufficient amounts of protein – is the basis of a healthy hair and full of vitality. Fresh air, exercise, recreation and other health habits are beneficial for maintaining our body health. Stress, for example, especially experienced for long periods of time, damages the hair.

Beauty Formula Calivita

Beauty Formula is based on minerals and vitamins supplements, herbs and other nutrients and is used successfully to maintain healthy skin, hair and nails as well. It is a complex formula and carefully selected from the desire to supply the essential nutrients that our skin and hair need for maintaining the health and shine in permanently, that we all want.

Beauty Formula Calivita has in his composition minerals such as zinc, copper and silicium, vitamins A and C and B complex, and plant extract, known in traditional medicine for their extraordinary effects on health and beauty, such as nettle and horsetail.- Zinc and vitamin A helps to avoid the appearance of dandruff, which can lead to hair loss. – Copper is a complex mineral that causes total hair regeneration, even in patients with total loss of hair due to alopecia. Healthy copper concentrations are between 1.7 and 3, 5 milligrams. A higher or lower amount of copper will result in hair loss. – Vitamin B deficiency can lead to hair loss. – Biotin acts as an anti-aging agent and helps produce keratin and prevent hair loss. Biotin sources: whole grains, rice, liver, eggs, and milk.- Vitamin A is important for our general health. It is also beneficial to keep the hair root lubricated. Too much vitamin A can cause hair loss.- Traditionally, plants are used successfully for thousands of years to prevent or cure disease. Nettle and horsetail have been shown to have fabulous effects in hair regeneration, stop its fall and stimulate formation of new follicles.- Vitamin C helps improve circulation of the scalp. It is important to maintain the health of capillaries that carry blood to the follicles. Vitamin C is also an excellent antioxidant that acts against free radicals and is very beneficial for both hair and skin.- Vitamin E increases oxygen uptake, improves circulation to the scalp and stimulate hair growth. Because hair health is linked to immune system health, vitamin E and vitamin C is said to stimulate hair growth by enhancing immune function. Zinc also stimulates hair growth by enhancing the function of the immune system.- L-cysteine and L-methionine are two essential amino acids that improve quality, texture and hair growth, and help prevent its loss.- Vitamin C or ascorbic acid is an important natural ingredient used in cosmetic skin care. Has antioxidant effect and is a great stimulant of the immune system.

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