Natural Hair Loss Treatment – How to Prevent Hair Loss

8 May; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Natural Hair Loss Treatment – How to Prevent Hair Loss

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Hair loss is not a rare case anymore! Almost all the people across the world suffer from hair loss in their lives one or the other time. The reasons could be many, ranging from hormonal disturbances to stress and from heredity to improper hygiene of hair. Whatever the cause is, though hair loss may not affect the bodily system by damaging them, it is an embarrassing problem that can make a person feeling so down among others.

Unfortunately, men are more to suffer from hair loss as compared to women. On the other hand, luckily, there is a way to treat this problem. There is an advanced technology through which, one can implant the hair on bald area but then, natural hair loss treatment is always first choice among many men across the world. This is solely due to natural hair loss treatment does not require any cut or incision and it does not ask for any harmful synthetic way to treat the hair loss problem.

The natural hair fall treatment includes application of some hair oil or lotion and to massage it onto the scalp in order to nourish the hair roots and so the hair. Such hair root nourishing not only help strengthening the hair roots but also help in repairing the hair shaft and damaged hair ends. In this way, they help in preventing the falling of the hair.

Hair fall is quite common and to lose 60-80 hairs a day is considered to be a normal, physiological body response. However, more than this number of hair falling surely require medical attention. The symptoms of severe hair fall are noticing a lot of hair falling while combing the hair. Moreover, on shirt, tee-shirt and on shoulders and sleeves, one may find a lot of hair fallen out. Also, on pillows and bed sheets there are many hairs fallen.

While bathing, the hairs fall more than the regular amounts and there, they really require treatment. Natural hair fall treatment may also include some internal medications that comprise of natural herbal extracts in pills/powder form that help in strengthening the hair roots. Ayurvedic herbs such as bhringaraj, amalaki (Indian gooseberry) are said to be very useful in providing proper nourishment to the hair. Also, natural herbal hair oil that includes bhringaraja, amalaki, henna, tulasi and amla is also believed to be very useful as natural hair loss treatment.

Many holistic health care providers believe that holistic exercises such as pranayama and meditation can also help in preventing the hair fall. They are also considered as a natural hair loss or hair fall treatment. Stress is one of the major reasons for hair fall and practicing pranayama and meditation, one can get rid of stress that ultimately prevent the hair from falling. Acupressure and yogasanas such as shirshasana are useful to prevent hair loss. Also, avoiding spicy and oily food is must to keep hair from falling.

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