Natural Hair Loss Remedies That Really Work

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Natural Hair Loss Remedies That Really Work

Hair is a slender threadlike outgrowth of protein on the skin of the skull. The hair is a reflection of our way of life! As soon as we stressed, tired, sick, it has an impact on our hair. It becomes dull, brittle, and sometimes fall. The hair falls (45 to 60 per day) and renewed permanently. This type of hair loss is normal, every one experiences it once a while. The normal hair loss occurs mostly in the late summer and spring. A hair loss of more than 60 hairs per day is considered excessive; it disserves attention.

Alopecia is any type of hair loss. However, there are many types of hair loss: androgenic alopecia or male-pattern baldness (the most common form of hair loss in both men and women), alopecia areata (a recurrent nonscarring type of hair loss that can affect any hair-bearing area) telogen effluvium, a type of hair loss caused mostly by poor diet, stress, medication, childbirth, febrile illness and surgical operation. In this type of hair loss, the hair comes back after the causes are treated or stopped. Hair loss during chemotherapy is a type of telogen effluvium. In the case of chemotherapy for instance, the hair grow back within two months.

Causes of male pattern baldness

Hereditary balding is the most common cause of hair loss; that is, you are inherited hair loss from either your mother’s or father’s gene. Certain men are genetically predisposed to male pattern hair loss. In this case, the hair fall due the effect of hormones on the hair follicle that produces male pattern baldness. Stress has often been involved in the occurrence of hair loss, but has not been confirmed by scientific studies. However, we are all victims of stress induced by the events of daily life, we must assume the role of stress when hair loss occurs in the weeks following an emotion with an intensity abnormally high.

Poor nutrition – Good nutrition is vital to healthy hair growth. Having inadequate protein or iron in your diet can cause you to experience hair loss. Lack of vitamins in your diet can lead to hairloss. For instance, recent researches reveal that Folic Acid helps maintain healthy hair, nails and skin. Vitamin B3 (Niacin) and Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant, enhances scalp circulation. Many researchers confirm that Vitamin B12 helps prevent hair loss. Note, increasing those vitamins intake in your diet may take from 2 to 3 months to produce visible results in your hair’s condition. Natural hair loss treatment requires patience.

Other causes of hair loss – Localized hair loss occurs mostly in male pattern androgenetic alopecia, infections by fungi, Traction alopecia (trichotillomania, braids and hair straightening) or scarring alopecia (caused by cutaneous lupus erythematosus, folliculitis, cicatricial alopecia, Postmenopausal frontal fibrosing alopecia). Localized hair loss can be also caused by certain tumors (basal cell carcinoma, epidermoid carcinoma)

Conventional Treatment

Hair Transplant – This chirurgical method, the most common, requires no hospitalization or general anesthesia. It involves extracting roots and hair follicles from the donor area (a small strip of scalp generally located at the back of the head). This area is never the subject of hair loss.

Natural Treatment

Herbal Remedies – Why use expensive hair transplant surgery to restore your hair while you can get your hair back naturally and for less. Our hair loss herbal remedies are blend of carefully chosen herbal ingredients known for their beneficial effect on circulation, hormonal and thyroid functioning, thereby promoting hair and nail growth. Used regularly, it can improve the strength and quantity of hair by stimulating and nourishing the tiny hair follicles to produce stronger, more abundant hair and by slowing down abnormal hair loss. Those supplements have an excellent blend of nourishing nutrients that block the DHT in the body. They prevent hair loss and promote regrowth of hair follicles. They supplies nutrients for growth of healthy thick hair. To learn more about Our Hair loss Herbal remedies, please visit our his natural hair loss remedies website

Raphael is a nutritionist who strongly believes in natural healing. He loves to share his beneficial experience with herbal remedies to the world. To learn more about natural hair loss remedies and hair loss from chemotherapy, please visit his natural hair loss remedies website.

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