Natural Hair Loss Prevention

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Natural Hair Loss Prevention

Article by Tracy Ballisager

Hair loss is not normally a pleasant experience that many people go through. One possible solution is natural hair loss prevention but you should know some reasons why people incur hair loss. Only then will you be able to understand how natural hair loss prevention tips may help you to recover from natural hair loss.

It is part of some people’s lives and therefore, it is an important topic to cover. People, both men and women, lose hair for many reasons naturally and unnaturally. Many women naturally lose hair when they are pregnant because they are pumped full of estrogen and progesterone that induce hair growth and after their pregnancy; the level of hormones drops and the hair falls out. This is a temporary case. More permanent cases of hair loss in women occur during menopause. During menopause, the levels of hormones drop and testosterone becomes a major player. Testosterone will actually prevent hair from being grown. The women’s hair falls out and is not re- grown. This is a major reason why many men lose their hair.

If you think about it for a second, we are natural beings. Therefore, why would you want to use chemically enhanced medicines to cure your problem? You may find that homeopathic hair loss prevention may be more suitable to your needs because they are natural and you will not run the risk of causing other, future problems whether related to hair loss or something more dangerous. Many of these natural hair loss remedies include different types of creams, oils and ointments that you can use in order to prevent natural hair loss.

Before going any farther, hair loss is rather unpredictable so these hair loss prevention methods are not miracle cures. They are only suggestions to help prevent natural hair loss. Natural hair loss prevention can be as easy as messaging the scalp to help the circulation of blood and oxygen to the hair follicles and in some cases can even create hair growth. Saw Palmetto extract is often used to promote hair growth because it is an anti androgen. Another extract option is nettle root extract. This extract provides crucial vitamins for hair growth including vitamin A and C as well as other lipids and minerals.

An ancient natural hair loss remedy is the use of Jojoba oil from the Native Americans and Mexicans,its spreaded throughout the scalp to help the hair grow. Other substances with the same outcome are Aloe Vera, Henna and Psyllium husk. If you are not ready to create your own homemade natural hair loss remedies then you can look for hair loss prevention products which include these ingredients. The best place to find these hair loss prevention products is in a homeopathic store.

Natural hair loss prevention can be a great step to curing your hair loss or to at least prevent further hair loss and to stimulate more hair growth. Natural hair loss prevention is healthy for you and will never endanger you with its usage.

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