Most Recommended Hair Replacement San Diego

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Most Recommended Hair Replacement San Diego

Hair loss is a common problem nowadays for many reasons. There are a couple of known causes for this condition and some of them are due to genetics, stressful lifestyle, smoking, the aging process and may come as a symptom of an illness. If you are a man or woman in San Diego, and you want to know a solution to this problem, then you can explore the possibility of hair replacement san diego.


With the advent of modern technology in hair replacement san diego, there are many ways to treat this issue. However, if you are looking for the best results, then one of the options you can look into is the follicular unit extraction hair transplantation or FUE.


This method is basically done by obtaining follicular units in other parts of the body. These units will then be implanted on the balding areas. Other methods may require liner incision wherein a strip hair tissue from the donor is removed. This is not the same as in follicular unit extraction. In FUE, they extract the hair follicles that come directly from the scalp. They would use a 1 millimeter punch and the surgeon will then carefully cut around the follicles which are naturally grouped into 1 up to 4 hairs. The surgeon will make an incision in the balding areas with the use of an instrument known as micro scalpel otherwise known as a needle and create recipient sites where the new grafts will be placed. The follicular units taken from the other parts will then be transplanted to these microscopic punctures so that hair would grow naturally.


As a result, you will achieve an overall natural and healthy look through this hair replacement san diego procedure. This is a long and tedious process, but it heals perfectly well and produces some of the best results when it comes to hair replacement procedures. If you want to experience a makeover and bring back that crowning glory, then why not consider undergoing this procedure. You can search for local hair transplant clinic within the San Diego area through your favourite search engine and find a center near you.

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