Michael Jacksons History

31 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

pstrongThe icon: Michael Jackson/strong/p
pUntil his death at the age of 50, Michael Jackson has been all over the TV, the papers, and the magazines. Jackson always had with him an iconic image ever since the start of his solo career in the 1980s. In fact, a lot of music experts have declared him as Michael Jackson, the King of Pop. nbsp;His album ldquo;Thrillerrdquo; sold more copies than other record at that time. The concept of his music videos, which encouraged the MTV culture, showed how extremely talented he was but what most people do not know is that Michael Jackson was also an entrepreneur. Michael Jackson owned and ran various businesses.nbsp; If youre an entrepreneur you should considernbsp;a title=buying a business href=http://www.globalbx.com/bizexchange.asp target=_selfbuying a business/anbsp;and check out GlobalBX.com – they have over 36,618 businesses and franchises for sale.nbsp;Best of all its a FREE site!nbsp;/p
pstrongMichael Jackson: The Entrepreneur /strong/p
pWhat is the commonality between Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and Warren Buffet? These persons have painstakingly yet successfully built something from nothing. They thought of services and products that no other businesses or people have thought of. With their talent and hard work, they top their respective fields for years now. Michael Jackson was somehow similar to these men. He cleverly applied his skills in music in various fields that nobody else had ever exploited. His widely acclaimed music videos moved a lot of artists, therefore, prompting the popularity of the MTV. His music albums generated sales worth millions of dollars. He used his money as further investment into his brand and bought 50 percent of the most valuable music assets of all time, the Lennon-McCartney (Beatles) catalogue. The royalties from this acquisition earned him millions in profits. Jackson also acquired two music publishers in Australia, which eventually bought by Sony. The sale gave him close to $100 million./p
pstrongEntrepreneurial traits of Michael Jackson/strong/p
pMichael Jackson used his entrepreneurial spirit in everything he ever did. Here are the traits he had in common with other reputed businessmen:/p
liAlways aiming to improve ndash;Michael Jackson practiced every day when he was still alive. He did not only practice his vocals, but his dance moves as well./li
liBe artistic ndash; You can see how artistic Michael Jackson was with his sparkly gloves, rock and funk music, and ldquo;Moonwalkrdquo; and ldquo;Beat Itrdquo; music videos. nbsp;nbsp;/li
liBuild customer loyalty – Millions of Michael Jackson fans were devoted to his music even if he had sideshow antics during his latter days. His planned concert for London were waited by millions of fans across the globe, reaching over $1 million ticket sales reserved and purchased in advance. This is what you call brand loyalty. Too bad though that Michael Jackson died in Los Angeles while rehearsing for the concert in London./li
pstrongWhat you can learn from Michael Jackson/strong/p
pThere is no perfect entrepreneur. In any Michael Jackson biography, his mistakes are pointed out along with his achievements. With this, aspiring entrepreneurs can learn a lot from Michael Jackson. Take these for example:/p
liWatch your words ndash; Always remember that the media can make or break you. Saying wrong things to them may damage the reputation of your business that you have painstakingly built for many years already. /li
liStick to your ideals ndash; Michael Jackson underwent major operations that significantly damaged his iconic image. No matter the reasons why you want to change your principles, these may affect the image of your company./li
liBuild a trusted network of friends and contacts ndash; Michael Jackson made a mistake in associating himself with the wrong people who put their own interest first before his. While money and success are good, your business may attract negative elements. /li
pBe money wise ndash; Save more from your profits and avoid making unnecessary purchases. Watch the cash flow and the items on the balance sheet. If you have an advisor who handles your money, supervise the process and do not be just a check-signer./p
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