Male and Female Hairline Lowering Through Hair Transplant

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Male and Female Hairline Lowering Through Hair Transplant

Patients considering hair restoration surgery will have a number of questions and concerns that they will want answered. A patient of ours considering hairline lowering brought up a few that saw noteworthy:

How do I know if I am a good hair transplant candidate? Is there any possibility the hair will fall off and affect my regular hair to fall off as well? Do I have to stay home after the surgery? Is there any adverse side effect caused by this type of surgery to the rest of my body or health?

Good hair transplant candidacy is based on the severity of their miniaturization or thinning of hair. Most female patients experience significant miniaturization of the hair shafts making them an unlikely candidate for hair restoration surgery. As long as the donor area shows minimal miniaturization of the hair shafts, hair restoration and / or hairline lowering is possible.

Patients with some degree of miniaturization may experience what is known as shock loss or loss of native hair after hair restoration surgery. This is due to the interruption of the surrounding hair during surgery but the effects are only temporary. The hairs lost will recover their normal growth cycle and will grow back in time. This statement does not always apply since not all patients even with some level of miniaturization do not lose their hair to shock loss.

This type of procedure is considered minimally invasive and patients can go back home the same day. Most patients can return to their normal daily routines and almost all patients recover at about the same rate. Medication is provided for take home treatment to speed up recovery time and to control swelling and redness. This surgical procedure can be easily concealed through practical means (change of hair style, make up, hat, etc.) and should not impede you from leaving home at all.

The only real adverse effect hair restoration has on any patient is that of temporary swelling and redness on the recipient area. Hair transplantation does not affect the rest of the body in any negative way. The only other concern would be based on any allergic reaction to the medications used during and after surgery. Be sure to inform you hair transplant surgeon of any medical condition and allergic reactions to medications prior to your surgery. Some facilities will provide a complimentary lunch the day of surgery so food allergies must be reported as well. Above all, hair restoration surgery is minimally invasive and any negative effects to the body are very unlikely to happen.

Further information regarding hair transplant surgery can be obtained by calling your nearest hair transplant office. Cosmetic surgery and aesthetics can be referred to your nearest medical spa clinic or plastic surgeons office.

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