Looking After Your Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

20 July; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Looking After Your Great Lengths Hair Extensions.

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Great Lengths hair extensions are some of the best extensions around. Great Lengths are the leader in premium hair extensions and are enjoyed by women the world over. If you?ve always dreamed of having beautiful hair, then Great Lengths can help. They use only the finest 100% human hair of guaranteed origin and ethicality. Great Lengths have been giving women the hair they?ve always wanted for 20 years and continue to be the best in the world today.

Great Lengths use patented systems and specially formulated bonds that attach to your own hair. The bonds are kind to your hair and scalp, are virtually undetectable by sight or touch, are comfortable to wear style and even sleep on. The bonds are also long lasting, can be removed with no damage to your own hair, and the extensions look and feel as natural as your own hair.

Great Lengths hair extensions are of the highest quality, therefore you can end up spending a considerable amount of money to get the hair you?ve always wanted. However, you do what you pay for with Great Lengths, your hard-earned cash will get you the best quality hair that will last up to 6 months and won?t damage your hair or look fake.

But, if you have forked out a considerable amount for your new look you will want your hair to look as good as possible, for as long as possible. Looking after your hair extensions doesn?t have to be a chore and your stylist will provide you with all the aftercare advice and maintenance information you need to get the best out of your extensions.

When it comes to washing your hair after having your extensions applied you should wait for at least 48 hours, this allows the bonds to set properly. Always use Great Lengths products as these have been specifically developed to prolong the life of your extensions. Always follow the directions on the bottle and make sure you are shampooing and conditioning your hair at least once a week.

When drying your hair always dry it thoroughly. Start at the bond as it is at its most fragile when wet, and work your way down. Do not scrub your hair with the towel as this can cause matting and tangles. Instead, try using a gentle blotting motion to remove excess moisture. It is fine to use a hairdryer on your new extensions but make sure you are using a cool/warm temperature so as not to damage the hair or the bonds.

Most salons will provide you with a Great Lengths brush to use on your extensions, but if not look out for flat headed, soft bristle brushes as this are best for extensions. When it comes to brushing your new do, start with small sections and gently brush from the bonds to the ends of the hair. Do not comb between the scalp and the bond as this could cause the bond to weaken. Make sure you are separating the bonds on a regular basis to prevent matting.

You can style your hair in the same way you would normally, so straighteners, tongs and heated rollers are all ok, as long as they are kept away from the bond area.

It is a good idea to tie your hair in a loose pony tail at night when sleeping in order to avoid tangling.

Hair extensions don?t take a long time to look after, just by sticking to a few simple rules you can have the hair of your dreams for as long as possible!

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