Lets have some more secrets of straight hair

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Lets have some more secrets of straight hair

Article by Louise Jones

Now it is no more secrets how to have a straight hair. It has become a most happening topic around the corner. Hair straightener iron can change your curly unruly hair into straight hair. Hair straightener like Ghd hair straightener has catalyzed this progress. Its easy mechanism and user-friendly application are the main reasons behind this popularity. Women’s desirable straight hair is now at her reach. No more tension, no more spending of time in salon. For the first time you need to have a consultation with your hair expert and after that you can go yourself. Ghd hair straightener provides with you a complete guidebook, which will give you all the information and necessary things. Now some common tips are provided by us to help you to get this type of hair texture, which is chic, sleek and easier to handle, and for applying any kind of style on it. This article will give you some knowledge on how to use your hair straightener.

You have to follow some steps carefully and with proper gentleness. These steps are very helpful and make you able to keep your straight hair for a long time. You do not have to re-straighten your hair till the next shampoo if you maintain this chart.

1). It is recommended that apply a permanent straight hairstyle, which can be stable for at least 12 months. Consult your hairdresser and have this one. The main advantage of this application is you can save your valuable time and valuable money, which you have to spend on your tresses regularly. If it is not possible for you to own a particular type of style hen always apply a strong hair protective conditioner before the use of your hair straightener. It will protect the quality of your hair.

2). Do not sprinkle water on your straight hair. Water changes the straight hair and makes it curly as before. Excessive sweating and rainwater can do this also.

3). Always shampoo your hair before using the appliance. At first shampoo your hair and then apply a good conditioner on your hair.

4). You can apply hair protective products on your hair. Hair moisturizer, hair balm and hair serum are these types of hair protective items. Combination of all these things can be used or you can stick to any particular product.

5). But do not apply this type hair protective products on your hair roots because it makes the hair cuticles smoother and softer. And cuticles are situated on the hair shafts but not on the roots. It can cause hair fall and dandruff problem. So be careful.

6). You should dry your hair properly before using a straightener iron. Use a towel and dab your hair gently. Do not rub your hair roughly. It can weaken your hair and cause massive hair loss.

7). Drying is important because water and electricity do not go with each other. And that is why dry your hair before making your hair straight.

Maintain these tips and it will help you to maintain your hair straightening for a long time. And also take care of your hair.

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