Learn How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Learn How To Apply Clip In Hair Extensions

Article by Danni Reese

Clip in hair extensions are a great way to get instant long and beautiful hair and they are so easy to use. Many more women are opting for clip in extensions instead of permanent hair extensions because they are less damaging to your own hair and can be easily put in and taken out in the comfort of your own home, without the need for expensive salon visits. Usually a set of clip in extensions takes less than 10 minutes to apply after you have had a bit of practice. The more you practice, the easier it will be and you will soon be able to apply clip in extensions in next to no time and you will be able to spend more time styling them however you like.

To apply clip in hair extensions, you need to prepare the things you will need, read the instructions on the package carefully. With some patience and a little imagination, you can easily create the style you want to achieve.

Here’s an easy guide you can follow in applying clip in hair extensions. Choose a working area big enough for the things you will use – large clips to gather and hold your hair, a rat-tail comb for parting your hair in sections and a wide-tooth comb for combing the extension. Keep other tools and supplies handy such as a hair spray, a curling iron or a hair strengthener. Before you apply clip in extensions, make sure they are clean and that there are no tangles or loose hair. Practice opening the clips on the extensions to make sure they work. Remember, you’ll be working behind your head so you may not be able to see how they work properly.

After checking that all the clips in the extension work, you can now get your own hair ready by cleaning it and combing through knots. Before you apply clip in hair extensions, it is important to smoothen your hair to make the application easier.After you have done all the preparations, it’s time to apply clip in extensions. Using a thin comb, make a straight line along the bottom part of your scalp and clip all hair above this line to keep them from getting in the way. Always start from the bottom and work your way up your scalp when applying the extensions. Each hair piece comes with several clips that you would have to fasten on your real hair. Use the middle clip first, slide it along your hair roots right below the straight line that you created. Then do the same with the other clips, making sure that each clip is secured properly. Keep following the straight line and remember not to apply clip in hair extensions above the line. After you have securely fastened the first hair piece, use the thin comb again to make another straight line, about an inch above the first line. Tie all the hair above this line, as you have done in the steps above. Keep repeating the steps until you have completely fastened the whole hair extension piece. To make sure that your hair and the hair piece blend well together, comb through your hair as you apply clip in hair extensions. Bring some of your real hair on top of the clips to prevent the clips from being visible.

Cover the clips in the extension pieces with your real hair so that none of the clips are visible. When you apply clip in hair extensions, it is important to comb through your hair to mix the real hair with the hair pieces. Look at your self in the mirror to check if the hair extensions look natural. Trim to your desired length if necessary to create a more natural look. To create a more even look, ask a hairdresser to trim your hair or style it whichever way you like.

Creating the long hair look that you desire is no longer impossible – simply apply clip in hair extensions. Remember to prepare everything you need before you apply clip in extension to make the job easier. You can either follow the style recommended when you buy the product, or you can try changing the positions of your hair extension to create the style you like. With easy-to-apply clip in hair extensions, you can now look forward to sporting a longer, more stylish long hair that you have always dreamed of.

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