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The first thought that comes to mind when you mention ladies wigs might be that they are worn just for ego reasons. Not so. A very practical reason for wearing a wig is to present a natural look when suffering from hair loss due to chemo therapy. There are many different reasons for buying one or more wigs. Some women want a wig because they have thinning hair or pattern baldness. Still other women choose to wear wigs because they have undergone chemotherapy or have another medical-related reason. Another popular reason that women choose wigs is because they, quite simply, want to change their look, even just for a day or an evening out. Other women buy wigs because they have always wanted longer hair but have never been able to grow their own out.

Ladies wigs are constructed of various materials one of which is human hair. This creates a very natural look. Some wigs are made of man made materials. Monofilament wigs are a little dearer than the normal lace wig as each individual strand of fiber is hand-tied into the monofilament material resulting in a more natural looking wig. Monofilament wigs use ultra thin, breathable gauze like material and wrap the scalp tight without getting stretched after the lapse of time. These wigs are incredibly light, because they don’t contain sewn cloth to be found in usual wigs.

Wigs have always been an important accessory in hair fashion. There is no need to feel self-conscious simply because your motivation in shopping for wigs may be related to hair loss through cancer treatment.. Any diagnosis of cancer is a deeply traumatic event. Treatments and surgeries can change your sense of who you are and shake your confidence in dealing with work, life, and family. Carefully selected medical wigs that are hand crafted with the finest materials and quality of hair will provide comfort and a natural appearance. They tend not to be itchy and they breathe more, instead of trapping heat around your scalp.

Special non-slip materials are integrated into the bases of medical wigs to prevent slipping and sliding. Synthetic wigs are very easy to care for. Medical wigs have bases that can be trimmed to fit the head and give a natural look

Whether you are looking for a solution to hair loss or just for fun, ladies wigs will provide the look you desire.

If you are having a problem with hair loss there is a program that you may find beneficial.

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