Lace Front Vs Full Lace Wigs

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Lace Front Vs Full Lace Wigs

Lace Wigs have been around for years, however it wasn’t until a few years ago when celebrities such as Beyonce, Lil Kim and Tyra Banks began wearing lace wigs that their popularity soared. Before you knew it, the everyday modern woman began wearing lace wigs. We saw it as a way to quickly change our appearance, break free from hair weaves and increase our sex appeal naturally without spending ridiculous money and harming our hair.

It’s been said that celebrities were paying thousands of dollars to design their full lace wigs, however because lace wigs were introduced into the popular and urban cultures they became a hot commidity! Lace wigs are now a MUST have and every woman should own at least one lace front or full lace wig!

Lace Front Wigs are wigs in which swiss or french lace is attached to the front of the wig to give the client a natural hair line after the lace is cut. The hair which is attached to the lace in the front is normally handtied onto the wig. The back of the wig is normally machine wefted. Lace front wigs allow you to freely style the front of the lace (for example you can apply a part in the center or sides) Most lace front wigs come with wig combs above the ear and in the nape area and a adjustable strap to ensure better fit. Because the wig combs are in place you have the option to glue/tape the wig down (for more security) or do not apply glue. I’ve done it both ways and I prefer not to use glue when the wig combs are in place.  These wigs are relatively cheaper. Lace front wigs are for clients who do not want to wear high sytles such as ponytails and who have an active lifestyle. The advantages of  lace front wigs are; easier to self apply and remove for woman who do not wish to leave it own for periods at a time. Disadvantages are that you can not wear up do’s.

Full Lace Wigs have swiss or french lace which is attached along the perimeter of the wig. The advantage of full lace wigs give the client a natural hair line in the front and back. The hair can be freestyled in up do’s as well. Normally full lace wigs do not have wig combs or adjustable straps because they are glued or taped down to ensure their security. We give you the option to add wig combs if you wish to have them in place for extra security.  These wigs are entirely handtied. Full lace wigs also normally cost more than lace front wigs.

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