Knowing all about Hair Growth

17 July; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Knowing all about Hair Growth

It is an innate desire of human beings to look attractive regardless of the hair type they have. Each ethnic race has its own standards of beautiful hair. These days, people pay much attention to the state of their hair. This element of our bodies has pure aesthetic function. However, the latter should not be underestimated, for millions of men and women suffer from this lurking fear of going bald. Mere presence of some beautiful hair strands on the scalp is of not much significance if not with coupled with some healthy and voluminous hair to match. You can have both the beauty and quantity if you follow some faster hair growth tips.

Logically, to be able to take good care and preserve hair beauty, we should know what hair growth actually is and how it grows. To start with, one should realize that hair is made of dead protein cells, called keratin. Protein, being digested in the body, forms different amino acids. The latter can be connected in the particular combinations, producing different forms of protein in our organisms: keratin, collagen, insulin, etc. The first one is the source of our hair.

Lanugo is one of the very first hairs a human being acquires. It appears on the skin surface during the intrauterine development of a baby. Lanugo is silky, glossy, and almost invisible, since it has no pigment. Besides lanugo, there are three more types of the human hair: – vellus hair, which is soft, fine, short, and non-pigmented; – terminal hair is pigmented and quite long; male arms, chest, and legs hairs are terminal, as well as hairs on the scalp; – intermediate – it is something in between the first two types; it is usually moderately pigmented.

The structure of the hair has two main parts: the hair shaft (the actual hair we can see on the skin surface) and the hair follicle (the point from which hair grows). Hair cells are formed in hair bulb, which is nothing but lower part of a cup-shaped hair follicle. The newly produced cells push the older ones out of the bulb. A hair bulb contains nutritious elements, oxygen, and amino acids necessary for hair growth, as well as eumelanin or pheomelanin pigment melanin; former makes our hair black or brown while latter accounts for red or blond hairs).

All the cells pushed out of the bulb continue to move out of the follicle, and beyond its boundaries they are known as hair shaft. The hair shaft consists of the inner part (cortex), which contains small amounts of water, vitamins, fats, pigment, and the traces of different metals. Cortex is covered by a protective layer – cuticle. If the latter is smooth, glossy, and undamaged, hair looks beautiful else it loses its shine and smoothness.

Just like the plants, which have periods of active growth and time to rest, our hair has the anagen phase, when new hair cells are constantly produced, the catagen phase, when hair stops growing and prepares to have some rest (1-2 weeks), and the telogen phase – resting time itself, during which all fully grown hairs are shed (5-6 weeks). Then everything starts all over again.

Growth of healthy hair largely depends on its normal healthy functioning and structure. The hair structure is divided into two parts – the non living part that is projected out of the skin of the scalp and the other living part, that remains buried inside the scalp skin. Both hair parts have various functions to perform, besides being an integral component of the hair growth cycles. Alteration in the normal cyclical process of hair growth is one of the main causes of hair loss. The factors that affect the normal hair growth cycle are hormonal imbalance and genetics. Though it is hard to take care of the above two factors of hair loss, it is essential for you to keep your hair clean and healthy with the use of well-formulated cleansers and conditioners.

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