Janet Collection Lace Wig Review

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Janet Collection Lace Wig Review

The Janet Collection is one of the premier hair companies that offer wigs, braiding hair and weaves catered to the African-American community. Following the trend of lace wigs, the Janet Collection has added 7 lines under their lace wig selection.

Human Hair Remy Wigs

The human hair Remy lace wigs line under the Janet Collection has 22 different lace wig choices. On the site, it is advertised as a full lace wig however, the lace is solely in the front and in the back. For women who simply want natural hairlines and to place hair in an updo, this works fine. If you are someone who wants freestyle parting throughout the lace wig, do not purchase from the Janet Collection in general without reading the description about the lace.

This line is strictly for the women who want straight human hair lace wigs or wavy textured hair. Of these 22 choices, many of the styles mimic each other only varying in length. To Janet Collection’s defense, the few styles that are mimicked are quality styles.

Encore Wigs

The Encore Lace Wig selection is a short list, indeed. While the line as a whole is listed under lace wigs, only 3 of the 12 wigs are lace wigs. The 3 lace wigs are said to be full lace and as before, this means front and back lace only. This line uses nano platinum which is human hair blended with heat resistant fiber.  Only seek out this line of lace wigs if you specifically want nano plantium hair since style selection is very limited at only 3 curly styles.

One complaint beyond the style selection is the lace. As with many synthetic or discounted lace wigs, the lace is very rough. If you cut off all the lace and rely on wig clips then this is fine but gluing down rough lace to the head can be uncomfortable.

Whole Lace Wigs

You would think the whole lace wigs are Janet Collection’s version of the full lace wig but sadly, they are not. These are also just front and back lace. This lace serves its purpose but if you are not careful upon purchase, you may end up with a surprise. With 17 lace wigs, the majority are curly full bodied styles. These are some of the best lace wigs of the Janet Collection as they are synthetic hair but of a very good quality. It does not have that wig-like shine and the lace is slightly softer.

Also, there is one particular style that must be pointed out. Many straight lace wig styles lack body and form. The first lady synthetic lace wig beautifully contours the face with a cascade of layers that are sophisticated and stylish.  This is some of the best factory styling on a synthetic lace wig with a straight texture that I have seen.

Janet Wigs

After seeing the last 3 lines, I have a sense of déjà vu. Many of the lines have a shared theme. If the texture is tightly curled, the length is short while looser curls and waves are all in long lengths. Even though the styles lack versatility, the hair quality on this synthetic hair line is quite good.

The color options and hair quality help to make up for the lacking styles. One con about the line is the hairline. It is on the thick side and you will probably have to tweeze out some of the density or create your own baby hairs.

Black Pearl Wigs

This line was the most disappointing which is unfortunate because it has great styles and a human form fit. The lace wigs of this line fit very well to the head for a snug fit.  The hairlines on many of the styles are natural as well.

Black Pearl has 44 lace wigs with front and back lace. The one issue which can make or break this line for many women is the fullness of the hair. The fullness is not too much of a problem on the longer wavy styles but the shorter curled styles and straight textured lace wigs are awkward. The curly styles are so full that the lace wig begins to look like an afro because of layer after layer of curls.

The straight styles with exception of the “show girl” and “orchid” almost resemble unprocessed African-American hair after pressing with a hot comb. If you are looking for a sleek straight style, you will have trouble finding it here. With so much body on a straight style, I fear that tangling will come sooner than later.

Gold Pearl Wigs

This line is another disappoint following the Black Pearl lace wigs. 3 of the 12 lace wigs are straight styles with the rest being tight curls and tight waves. These have a very thick hairline which almost resembles a traditional wig.

Once again a body issue for the curly and wavy styles in this line. Even though these wavy styles are so full, it is a personal preference since full hair can work very well on some faces.  This line follows in the footsteps of the Black Pearl lace wig line by including fit to human form technology and extended lace.

Kiss Me Wigs

The Kiss Me wig is actually a lace frontal and perhaps the newest in the Janet Collection. It only has one style and 12 inch length which comes in human hair and synthetic. The 100% Indian Remy hair never disappoints as it looks very natural and compliments the hairline very well.

Overall, the Janet Collection lace wigs are satisfactory. While some really wow the crowd, others need to be taken back to the drawing board. The majority of styles from these lines will be good purchases but you must do your research first. I would say for an online buy, visit sites like youtube to see how it fits on someone doing a tutorial or try it on in the store.

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