Is Finding Cheap Hair Transplant Rates Possible?

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Is Finding Cheap Hair Transplant Rates Possible?

It is never easy to deal with hair loss. For some, it is an inherited condition while for others, they suffer from alopecia or other types of hair loss because of stress. The aging process also contributes to the loss of people’s hair. Some choose to just ignore it but there are actually a lot of efficient ways for it to get solved. There are cheap hair transplant ratesthat could help you regrow your hair and let it become beautiful again.

The rates for hair transplant procedures differ greatly. For starters, there are two most common methods used in hair transplant. The first one is Strip Harvesting and the other one is Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Both methods are effective in regaining the natural growth of hair but the second one, FUE, is considered to be more modern and has less noticeable side effects.

Strip Harvesting involves removing a linear piece of scalp and transplanting it to the area of the head with thinning hair. Because a small part of the scalp will be removed, there will be scars and the recovery period will be longer. In the more modern method of hair transplantation that is FUE, just the individual hair follicles will be removed. These follicles will then be placed from the donor area to the recipient area of the scalp. While the recovery for the first method, Strip Harvesting, may take up to two weeks, recovery period after FUE just takes about a week. You may still find surgeons who offer cheap hair transplant rates for FUE but this process normally requires double the fees for Strip Harvesting.

Most surgeons and clinics specify the fees by stating the price per graft that will be transplanted. Depending on the settings specified by the surgeon, the price per graft could range from .00 to .00. Normally, one surgical procedure requires five to seven people working on a patient. Because the manpower is a lot, the fees are also high. If you do a lot of research before having your procedure, you could find the best possible cheap hair transplant rates you could find.

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