Importance of Hiring an Expert in African American Hair Transplant

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Importance of Hiring an Expert in African American Hair Transplant

Hair may be composed of the same substances, but there are some distinct differences to their characteristics based on the racial background of an individual. Just like Caucasians and persons of other ethnic groups, African Americans can suffer from the same hair loss issues. Because of the said dissimilarities, it is better to find cosmetic surgeons that specialize in African American hair transplant. Unlike regular doctors, they can customize their restoration treatments to suit the specific traits of the scalp and hair.


Compared to a Caucasian with roughly the same concentration of hair loss, African Americans may need less grafts since their hair strands tend to be thicker and fuller. A few clusters of their hair can already lead to the illusion of having a full crown. The procedure can still be done even if there is only a small amount of possible transplant donors. Caucasian hair strands are finer and transplant can be more challenging if the baldness is already in an advance stage.


Aside from this difference, there is also a small change to the extraction of the hair follicles. Doctors have to adapt their technique to the curvature of the hair strands and follicles. The growth of African American hair is usually not straight and as a result, cosmetic surgeons should be a little careful to avoid any damage to the extracted donors.


The actual African American hair transplant process is still similar to the usual procedure done to other people. The success rate is the same too. Since there is a small difference to the characteristics of the scalp, it is often necessary to do some evaluation tests. This can help avoid any post-surgery complications that may arise since studies have shown that African Americans are more prone to certain conditions compared to Caucasians.


It is necessary to hire a surgeon who specializes in African American hair transplant because they know how to avoid any complications that may happen after. Though a condition like ingrown hair may not be life threatening, it can indicate a minor infection. Keloids are also one of the most common effects of hair transplants. The best cosmetic surgeons would know what to do in order to stop the formation of these skin problems.

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