I Need to Buy a Wig or Something For My Hair As I’ve Got Some Really Big Bald Patches.

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

I Need to Buy a Wig or Something For My Hair As I’ve Got Some Really Big Bald Patches.

Article by Super-Natural® Lace Wigs

“Amy B” Asked:

(Q:) “I need to buy a wig or something for my hair as I’ve got some really big bald patches, i was thinking of buying one from the internet but I’m not sure. Does anyone have any experience in this or know any good sites?”

Super-Natural® Lace Wigs’ Answer:

(A:) Try Super-Natural® Hair & Lace Wigs – http://www.super-natural-hair.com – they have a good selection and different price ranges starting from on 100% Human Hair Indian Remy Lace Wigs. They have in stock lace wigs and custom lace wigs.

Read 2 of our customer reviews:

“”I have traveled the world in search of the perfect lace wig and application. After many years of search I have finally found a company who takes pride in their work and gives excellent service… thank you Super-Natural you have a life-time customer.?” [Sasha M. (submitted Wednesday, September 15, 2010 3:13 PM)]

“I love my lace wig. The texture is amazing and pretty much a replica of relaxed african american hair. Now that I use a wig instead of tracks, people actually believe that it is my hair. It curls well (with a curling iron) and is just so much more convenient then sitting in a chair for hours to get my weave done. I can also switch it up. Some days I do curly (wet look), some days I do straight. And best of all! I can take care of my real hair which is all natural underneath!”[Jaygirl (submitted Monday, September 13, 2010 4:48PM)]

Lace wigs are great… they are so convenient and look very natural. So many people think it’s my real hair and I get a lot of compliments. Super-Natural® Hair & Lace Wigs also carries Glue-less lace wigs that are very light weight and also very seamless (they are made with a Silk-Top which resembles the skin/human head scalp so they look very natira and don’t require glues or tapes).

So I say buy one… they last a for years with proper maintenance and are a great hair loss solution as opposed to weaves, braids, and regular wigs.

Super-Natural® Hair & Lace Wigs (located at 9800 Centre Parkway, 2nd Floor Suite #245 in Houston, TX, 77036) offers it’s customers the most diverse selection of lace wigs hair products and services. Visit us online @ http://www.super-natural-lace-wigs.com today or call us at 1-888-327-5557 to schedule a free consultation! They also have a Lace Wig payment plans or Layaway plans for Custom Lace Wigs if you purchase from the physical Lace Wig Shop in person located in Houston, TX.

Here’s a discount code for 5% your order too (code: SUPA5OFF). Enter it during checkout if you decide to purchase a wig from them.

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