Human Hair Wigs Provide A Whole New Look

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Human Hair Wigs Provide A Whole New Look

Article by Angelique Bell

Human hair wigs offer a wide array of options for people looking to change or accentuate a new look. The colors, textures and styles of human hair wigs vary greatly and offer lots of options for people looking for just the right style. New wig owners should pay close attention to the care and storage to ensure the long-lasting beauty in the wigs they have invested in.

Wigs and hair pieces are such an important accessory to many people, especially women and girls who are having a tough time dealing with hair loss. Whether it be from chemotherapy, genetics or other physical abnormalities, human hair wigs can offer a beautiful and dignified alternative to wearing hats and covering one’s head due to hair loss.

A misunderstanding about wigs is that many people think that they are easily noticed and differentiated from real human hair. High quality and carefully crafted wigs offer a nearly invisible hairline on all of their products which allow the owner to wear them with confidence. No matter the color of the hair or the style in which the wig is being worn, the hairlines to the individual strands of hair are designed to be as real-looking as possible.

Not all wigs are created equally. 100% real human hair wigs requires regular maintenance and care in order to maintain a beautiful and natural look. Accessory packages are available that offer adhesives and hair creams that keep the wigs properly in place and moisturized throughout the time they are worn.

Wigs are worn as if they were your own normal hair and should be washed in a similar manner. A mild shampoo and luke warm water are best used to clean the wig from daily use. A conditioner will keep the hair from becoming kinked or snarled as well.

When washing the hair should not be scrubbed, but rather gently moved from side to side and dipped into the water. If the wigs are handled too roughly, the shape of the wig may be altered and some of the hair could come out.

Once clean, the wigs should be hung upside down to dry. When dry, sheen spray should be combed into the hair to keep it smooth and not frizzy. If kept clean and maintained, a human hair wig should last several years and remain un-faded and vibrant looking through all sorts of hair styles.

The way that wigs are worn and stored is very important to how long they will hold up under the rigors of day to day life. Using the right combs and brushes is key to keeping the human hair from tangling or getting flat. When the wigs are not being worn, keeping them on a styrofoam head or in a specially designed wig box will preserve the shape and volume of the hair.

The whole point of wearing a wig is so that people don’t think you’re wearing one at all. Properly cared for wigs can be worn out with confidence and can be fashioned into the latest hairstyles with ease just like your own hair would. They can be curled, flattened and teased up with whatever hair products you would normally use as long as the time was taken after the fact to get the chemicals and products out of your wig after you’re done wearing it.

People should be able look at the 100% human hair wigs and not even know that the hair isn’t yours. With wig care products and techniques will keep your investment looking natural and beautiful for many years to come.

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