Human Hair Or Synthetic Wigs–Which Is Best?

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Human Hair Or Synthetic Wigs–Which Is Best?

There is always much debate as to whether human hair wigs or synthetic hair wigs are best. There is actually little doubt that human hair makes the most natural looking wigs. If you want the very best fitting and natural appearing wig your only choice is human hair. Now if price has to enter into the equation the story make take another twist. Synthetic wigs are available in a huge variety of styles at lower prices than human hair.

There are actually advantages and disadvantages for both types of wig. Human hair wigs last longer than synthetic hair if properly looked after. If the wig is to be worn daily a human hair wig is the best choice.  A synthetic wig will wear out in about three months of daily use and need to be replaced. The human hair wig can be styled just like your own hair. You can use curling irons and hot blow dryers with no problems. A synthetic wig can,t be restyled to any extent and will be ruined by any kind of heat. Human hair can be dyed any color you want whilst synthetic hair is very difficult to dye.  So you can restyle and dye your human hair wig anytime but not so with the synthetic wig.

Another advantage of human hair is that the wig “breathes” much better, so that your scalp does not perspire as much as it does under a synthetic wig. Human hair wigs have a natural feel since they are real hair, and you can continually restyle them in natural styles. Looking at the overall picture it is fairly ovbvious that a human hair wig is by far the best choice if you intend to wear it daily, and to restyle it from time to time.

The main advantage of synthetic hair wigs is their relatively low price. If you want to wear the wig only occasionally a synthetic wig may be what you want. One advantage is that you can wash a synthetic wig and it will keep its style. A human hair wig must be restyled after every washing. A synthetic wig is a good choice if you have to watch your budget and only intend to wear it occasionally. Otherwise human hair is the way to go and you should buy the best wig you can afford.

The best (and most expensive) human hair wigs are made from European hair. Wigs made from Asian hair cost less and are quite acceptable in quality and usabilty. This is particularly so if you are buying an African American style wig for which the long black Asian hair is ideal.



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