Human Hair Extensions – The Best Type of Hair Extensions

4 May; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

Human Hair Extensions – The Best Type of Hair Extensions

Article by Gardner Wilkinson

If you are suffering from extensive hair loss and feel embarrassed to go out of your house or attend parties then hair extension is the remedy for you. Hair extension is basically a process through which artificial hair is fixed on those areas of one’s scalp which are bald or have a thin layer of hair. However, one must be careful about the quality of treatment being meted out. It is recommended to contact a skilled hair stylist to perform this act of hair weaving.

Different varieties of human hair used for extension

Different varieties of hair belonging to people of different countries are used for the purpose of human hair extension. The most popular types are:

* European hair – European hair is usually shiny and silky. The hairs have lighter shades and hence are a popular choice for human hair extensions. * Chinese hair – Majority of the Asian hair comes from China. The Chinese hair is of very good quality, mostly black in color and thicker than the European counterpart. * Virgin hair – Virgin hair need not be treated with chemicals or any type of hair styling instruments like curling irons, flat irons, or blow dryers. It is an extremely desirable variety of hair for the purpose of extensions. * Indian hair – Indian hair is naturally shiny, healthy and dark colored. The texture is extremely good and is preferred by most people for hair extensions. * Remy hair – This type lasts longer than any other type of hair. It is also of Indian origin and alignment of the hair is absolutely perfect. This is the most popular choice when it comes to extension due to its texture.

Advantages of human hair extensions

Hair extensions are made of both human hair and artificial hair. Human hair extensions are a little more expensive than artificial hair extensions. The price of artificial hair extensions depend on the brand and quality of the product. Human hair extensions provide length, bounce, volume and even the right kind of highlights to the hair. Obviously they are more skin-friendly and are of higher quality than the synthetic ones. The reason behind the better quality of the human hair is that it has a healthy cuticle which lacks in the synthetic fiber.

Synthetic fiber hair extensions are created to resemble natural hair but they appear brittle and dry without any shine. The synthetic fiber extension is normally coated with silicon. However, after a few washes the shine fades and it begins to look fragile and unhealthy. You should select the right type of hair extensions depending on the texture of your own hair, the quality of the product, and your budget.

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