How To Thicken Your Fine Hair.

28 May; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How To Thicken Your Fine Hair.

Article by suzlar

If you happen to flick through any glossy magazine, it is more than likely that you will be faced with celebrities flaunting their long luscious locks on the red carpet and looking amazing. If you are not naturally blessed with long, thick hair it can be very frustrating to try and achieve this look. There are many styling products on the market that claim to give you the hair that you desire, but the thickness and volume they create is often short-lived and by the end of the day your hair is back to its former flat self.

So what can you do? You can buy standard hair extensions but whilst they will give the impression of thicker hair, it is only a short-term situation. If your hair is damaged from heat styling or harsh styling chemicals then it will only get thinner and thinner and this may result in bald patches. This means that hair extensions that are attached to your scalp will not cover any areas of hair loss and could potentially aggravate the problem by putting excess strain on the hair follicles. However, this does not mean that hair extensions are not for you. There are specially designed hair extensions for people with thin hair or people with hair loss problems.

Some people naturally have thin hair but the stresses and strains of daily life can damage the protective cuticle layer of the hair causing excess breakage. Incorrect washing or over-washing of the hair can cause damage. So can brushing or combing the hair when wet as it is at its most delicate in this state. But the main culprits of follicle damage are heat styling and frequent use of chemical hair dyes. More and more people are turning to chemicals and heat styling to change their looks and consequently are putting excess strain on their hair. Other environmental factors such as exposure to the sun, chlorine, salt water and aging all have damaging effects on the strength of your hair. Once hair has started to look thin, it will continue to thin out especially in the lengths and the ends.

If your thin or fine hair is getting you down then you will be pleased to know that there is something you can do to restore the fullness and thickness of your hair. Hair Thickening by Hairdreams is the most natural and durable method to give your thinning or fine hair volume and body. There are several methods to suit different types of hair thinning problems. Foe example, MicroLines uses a microfine; virtually invisible hairnet with a full head of hair that has been hand-tied is placed on top of the client’s own hair. Unlike other toupees or wigs, MicroLines do not restrict your daily life in any major way. You are still able to swim and play sports without any need for concern. The product is very comfortable and looks as natural as possible.

The second method in the Hairdreams range is the TopHair system which is suitable for client’s who have longer hair on top and a parting as the hair is attached simply on to the top of the head with clips. This thickens the hair on the top of the head and disguises any hair loss around the parting area. This can be unclipped and reattached by the client at any time and there is also an option for the hair to be attached permanently with the Bondingring technique.

The Hairlines system provides more volume on the top of the head for people with thin or fine hair. This works in the same way as MicroLines in that a fine net is integrated in to the client’s own hair. The hair used is of the highest quality and a complete colour match is easily achieved to ensure a completely natural look.

Don’t let your thinning or fine hair affect your confidence levels, book a consultation at Inanch salon today and see what Hairdreams can do for you.

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