How to take good care of your hairs

19 July; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How to take good care of your hairs

Most women desire beautiful, healthy, shiny hair, but few are aware of the right way to acquire it. The key to healthy and beautiful hair lies in the use of natural hair care products. They are quite efficient for improving most types of hair provided they are applied in accordance with the specific hair care requirement.

Before getting into hair care specifics, first you need to find the out the issues or causes of natural hair care. Shedding hair is a healthy process because it allows new hair re-growth on the scalp. Any disturbance in the normal hair growth cycles can lead to excessive hair loss. Some of the common causes of hair loss are discussed below –

Imbalance in hormones’ level

Hormonal imbalances is the major reasons for hair loss in both genetic and other types of hair loss. It generally occurs when testosterone hormone is in excess. The hair follicle dies and hair fiber finally falls out. Thyroid hormones also play a major role in hair growth. Any disruptions in the normal production levels of thyroid hormones can be a cause of hair loss. Hair follicles contain receptors for thyroid hormones and are very sensitive to the levels of thyroid hormones in the blood.


Lack of proper nutrition is also linked to hair loss. Hair growth is a constant metabolic activity which requires adequate food supply. Without sufficient food supply to follicles, their normal metabolic activity decreases eventually resulting in diffuse hair loss. Apart from regular intake of food, an adequate presence of minerals (silica, zinc, iron, calcium, and magnesium etc.) vitamins, protein and amino acids in the diet are necessary for healthy hair growth. Some of the nutrient supplements are also required for proper functioning of hormones that are responsible for androgen metabolism.

Stress-induced hair loss

Experts generally take the view that the hair follicles are surrounded with a network of nerve cells. Any disruption in the normal nerve cells’ signals leads to adverse effects on the hair follicles and their growth. The only consolation is that it is temporary in nature and hair growth will be fully restored once the reasons for the stress fade away.

Harmful Chemicals

Synthetic hair care products generally contain harmful chemicals which can have severe, negative effects on hair follicles. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is a detergent used in shampoos, hair conditioners and other toiletry products. It damages the hair and can cause serious irritation of the skin. Formaldehyde is another poisonous chemical, used in some cosmetics, including shampoos, and conditioners as a preservative.

Many hair care products are either extracted from plants, or include other beneficial natural elements. They have been used extensively for treating hair problems successfully for years. Other than promoting healthy hair growth, these natural hair care products also impart a sweet, natural fragrance to the hair unlike that offered by their synthetic counterparts. Unlike synthetic products they are usually devoid of any side-effects.

Natural hair care products alone cannot promote healthy hair growth. Hair roots are alive and like any other organs of the body; they need nutrition to maintain their normal functioning. Vitamins are among the purest ingredients that can help ensure healthy hair growth on the scalp. The natural vitamins for hair growth which are most essential include those in the vitamin B group. Apart from these, vitamins including vitamin E and C are also helpful for hair growth.

Among other natural hair care products, the product which needs special mention is natural hair color. Natural dyes are generally safe to use and usually do not have any adverse reactions, although some people can be allergic to some natural dyes containing henna. The natural hair colors can help you to have healthy hair by their conditioning effect; moreover these natural dyes are devoid of poisonous chemical elements like bleach or ammonia. In addition to these herbal based natural hair care products available in the market, there are plenty of herbal and nutritional diet supplements available on the market to take care of you hair. Find out about some natural hair care tips and be informed about the active ingredients to take care of your hair and maintain hair health – gently and naturally.

Adequate care using natural hair care products is absolutely necessary to promote healthy hair growth. Apart from natural products, a disciplined lifestyle combined with a balanced nutritious diet is the key for healthy hair.

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