How to take Care of your Napoleon Dynamite Wig

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How to take Care of your Napoleon Dynamite Wig

Napoleon Dynamite is a very popular movie released in 2004. It follows the life of a character named Napoleon Dynamite and his antics in high school. Since the movie’s release, people the world over have fallen in love with Napoleon Dynamite’s character. In fact many people dress up as Napoleon Dynamite during costume parties and for Halloween. It comes as no surprise that many people have bought Napoleon outfits complete with wigs and glasses. So now that you have just purchased your very own Napoleon Dynamite wig, how do you take care of it? Taking proper care of your wig will help you get the most out of it in many Halloweens to come.

The typical Napoleon Dynamite wig is usually made of synthetic materials. This makes it cheaper to produce and more affordable for those who wish to purchase it. Synthetic wigs also hold their shapes a lot better than wigs made from natural materials. This is especially important for a Napoleon Dynamite wig since it has a distinctive shape that is necessary for the character’s look. In addition to that, a synthetic wig is a lot cooler and lighter than regular wigs which make it easier to wear even in hot and humid conditions.

The first thing you need to do to take care of your wig is to get a good synthetic wig shampoo. Many costume shops and wig stores sell this item. These are made specifically for wigs. Remember never to use regular shampoo on your Napoleon Dynamite wig.

Get a wire brush and brush your wig being careful not to damage it. Do not use a regular brush on your Napoleon Dynamite wig since this can damage the wig even more. Now put some cool water in pail and add a teaspoon full of your special wig shampoo. Immerse your wig in the pail and leave it there for one minute. This allows the shampoo to disperse evenly throughout your wig. Lightly knead the wig with your hands for a few minutes. After kneading, let it soak for an extra minute.

Take the wig out of the pail and carefully squeeze the water out from it. Be careful when doing this and remember not to use excessive force as this may damage your Napoleon Dynamite wig. Now take a dry towel and gently pat dry your wig. Leave it to dry before attempting to fluff it back into shape. Do not attempt to wear the wet wig. After the wig is completely dry, gently style it until it is back in its regular Napoleon Dynamite shape.

Your Napoleon Dynamite wig is now ready for use. You can also buy spray on wig conditioner from the same store you bought your wig shampoo. Use your wig conditioner regularly after each washing. Do not wash your wig every day as this can permanently damage the fibers. Instead wash it after 20 uses more or less. Doing this regularly can help you extend the life of your precious Napoleon Dynamite wig.

Just in time for Halloween.

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