How To Remove Hair Extensions.

29 October; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How To Remove Hair Extensions.

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The length of time that you can keep your hair extensions in for depends on the type of hair used and the application method. Most stylists would recommend that extensions need removing after around 4-6 months of wearing. Just as hair extensions need to be applied using a specific method, the removal of the extensions also needs to be done following a specific method. Removal can often requires a lot of patience as it can be a very time-consuming process.

The method of removal will depend on the technique used to apply the extensions. It is always the best idea to return to your stylist who put in the extensions to take them out as you will get the best results with minimal damage to your own hair. However, some people feel that they are confident enough to remove them at home, so if this is you then here is a short guide on how to do it yourself.

If you have sewn-in extensions they can be quite complicated and difficult to remove, so if possible go back to your stylist to have them taken out. Removal can also cause a lot of hair loss so do not attempt it unless you are confident with the technique. To remove you will need to identify the thread that has been sewn into your natural hair. Once you have done this you need to carefully cut it out using a pair of scissors, taking care not to catch your natural hair. Next, pull off the extension from your natural hair using your fingers or a hair extension removal tool. Repeat all over your head. Once this is done comb your hair through thoroughly using a wide toothed comb until all the knots are detangled. Follow with a thorough shampoo and condition.

To remove micro cylinder or micro ring extensions you need to take a lot of care so be prepared for it to take some time. You will need to locate the spot where the extensions have been attached or crimped onto your hair. Once you’ve identified this point you can use a pair of pliers to un-crimp and detach the extension from your natural hair. This can only be done if the ring is undamaged. If the ring is damaged then you need to use a ring remover to detach the extensions. Once this is done, again you need to comb through the hair and shampoo and condition it thoroughly.

Removing glued-in hair extensions can cause a lot of damage so you need to be really gentle and careful. You need to apply the extension remover or the glue dissolver at the base of the hair extensions. Work it into a lather for about a minute and a half until you feel the extensions loosen. Next use a wide toothed comb to gently remove the extensions and once they have all been removed comb through and wash thoroughly.

If you’ve had thermal or cold fusion extensions attached then you really should go back to the salon to get them removed. If you really have to do it at home then you need to apply the bond remover to the base of the extension and work it up thoroughly like detailed in the glued-in extension removal guide. You will need to leave this on for around 10 minutes until the bond loosens. You need to follow with a bond removal shampoo and condition to make sure all the residue is cleared.

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