How to put in clip in hair extensions

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How to put in clip in hair extensions


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How to apply 7pc clip in hair extensions



Our Clip In Hair Extensions at comes in a variety of different types. From Remy Hair Extensions, Synthetic hair, and of course 100% Pure Human Hair Extensions. All our extensions come in 7 clip in pieces so our customers can gain maximum comfort and coverage. The 7 pc allows you to come up with your own styles, and play around with it how you like. You have a wide range of options.

We will now discuss the standard way of applying clip in hair extensions 7 pc. You will love how it adds length and volume to your hair and how natural it looks.

1.  Take the 2-piece clip.At the back of your head apx one inch above your neckline divide your hair (preferable with a rat tail comb) Clip in your hair extension close to the hairline but not on the scalp.  Make sure you extend and pull your hair extensions all the way to avoid bumps between the clips.


2. Divide your hair an inch above step 1.  Now apply your three-piece clip starting with the middle clip. Again make sure its pulled all the way to avoid bumps.


3. An inch above your ear divide your hair again and apply the 2-piece clip.


4. Finishing touch! On each side of your head close to your original hairline (towards the front) apply the 1-piece clip.




Now you have long sexy hair that is full of volume.


Has been working with clip in hair extensions for many years, worked with many famous celebrities and on hundreds of movie sets. Now branched out and is letting anyone buy high quality human hair extensions at

Enjoy your new look

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