How to Organize Your Lace Wig Collection

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How to Organize Your Lace Wig Collection

Article by Abi Akinsanya

Are you a lace wig diva gone array? Are you always complaining that you do not have the right lace wig to wear? This may be because you have not organized your lace wigs according to occasion, style and what works for you. Before you run out and purchase another lace wig that is the same as the last, read this article for some quick fix tips.


Organizing your lace wigs by style is a good idea so that you do not make duplicate purchases. To properly organize, you will want to either keep all of the original packaging for each lace wig or purchase wig heads. Wigs heads will allow each lace wig to maintain its shape.To organize by style, you can either arrange by the appearance or product name. The product name is usually a female name. For example, you can organize them in their original packaging with the photo tag facing you in alphabetical order. You can also organize by the look. Beginning with straight lace wigs, you can continue by texture from wet and wavy, wavy, curly and kinky.


Lengths seem like something that is obvious upon sight so organizing by this is pointless. However, layered lace wigs, asymmetrical cuts, amongst other types of cuts are not easily differentiated from afar. By organizing by lengths, you can see what true lengths you have to work with. 2 short lace wigs can look completely different if one has a blunt cut while the other has a bias cut.


Color organizing your lace wigs is helpful especially if you have wigs with different color systems. Some wigs come true to color while synthetic lace wigs typically do not. When something Is true to color, the color is very realistic to what you would see in real life. Many times, the color chart varies a lot from what the actual lace wig will look like. True to color charts take out the guess work and purchase of the wrong lace wig. This is just one way to organize by color. Different shades or tones are a good organizing tool as well. Warm and cool tone color organization will help with summer or winter looks.


Sorting by occasion is perhaps one of the best ways to organize your lace wigs. Special occasions often call for a special lace wig. Being able to reach for any wig in one section and know that it is appropriate for work is very helpful for the morning rush. For a more special occasion, these lace wigs can remain in different packaging. To keep your most expensive and highest quality lace wigs presentable for formal occasions, spacing out your wig heads more and keeping the area dust free will do wonders. One occasion that many people neglect is their everyday lace wig. When you just want to be hassle free with your hair, any lace wig will do. Having 3 wig heads with your everyday lace wigs ready for wear will help eliminate the full unpacking process and styling.

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