How to Maintain Your Remy Hair Wigs and Lace Front Wig

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How to Maintain Your Remy Hair Wigs and Lace Front Wig

Article by James Streak

Remy hair wigs are the most sought after wigs and if you want to invest in a high quality wig without compromising on looks, then you can go for a Remy or a lace front wig. Wigs were once headgear that had important social and religious significance and judges and aristocrats wore them. These days however, wigs are worn for purely cosmetic reasons and Remy hair wigs are high on the wish list because it is very important for wigs to appear neat and look good else the purpose of wearing it is defeated.

Remy hair wigs are made from hair and are the most sought after wigs because of their quality and shine. A lace front wig made from hair is totally indistinguishable from a real head of hair. This is because this hair has all the cuticles aligned in one direction resulting in a smooth and uniform hair texture and all the hair together in a wig make a nice head of hair. Though there are many ways to make wigs, the Remy hair is usually reserved for the best.

To keep a wig looking good for years to come, its maintenance is very important. Remember one thing when you are wearing Remy hair wigs. Unlike natural hair, the hair on the wig does not get nourished and fed by the body and they will not replenish themselves naturally, so you have to follow some basic maintenance tips for these wigs. Do not be rough and do not tug at the hair with a comb. Be gentle, otherwise they will start coming off, fall off the lace base. The sun is the biggest enemy. The hair can tolerate some sun damage; the wig won’t sizzle and vaporize like a vampire in the sun, but too much exposure to the sun will result in cumulative damage.

Natural hair will recover, but the ‘dead’ hair on the wig won’t. You’ll just have to discard the wig and get a new one. Well, eventually you should because even the best of the best Remy hair wigs come with a shelf life, but it shouldn’t be allowed to happen prematurely. Cleanliness is also of utmost importance – do not leave your lace front wig lying around where it can collect dust.

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When you take the wig off at might, always store it in a box, do not leave it exposed. Follow these basic tips for your Remy hair wigs and you can make the most out of them and also get your money’s worth.

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