How to Care for Hair Extensions from a Tampa Beauty and Hair Salon

30 March; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How to Care for Hair Extensions from a Tampa Beauty and Hair Salon

A lot of women these days use hair extensions to enhance their natural hair. Hair extensions can make your hair thicker or longer. It can come in any length, texture and color. A professional stylist at a Tampa beauty and hair salon can blend it in naturally with your own hair through the proper haircut. You can also get hair color and highlights to match your natural hair to your hair extensions. If you have curly hair, you can have keratin hair treatment to match your hair with straighter hair extensions. Among the many hair salons in Tampa, Salon Monaco is your best choice.

Once you know that you can trust your hair professional, you should follow his or her instructions on how to care for your hair extensions. After all, there are many different types of hair extensions and your hair professional knows the specifics of what was used for you. Following are some general tips on the care for hair extensions, though.

You should wash your hair and hair extensions to keep clean, as always. The difference with hair extensions is that you should first comb or brush carefully through your natural hair and extensions to remove tangles before washing your hair. This will prevent more serious tangling. Your hair and extensions should also be wetted down gradually because hair follicles swell when wet. You should also wash your hair with your head upright. Wash in a downward motion to avoid creating new tangles.

Tangles should likewise be prevented when swimming or simply exercising. Salt water, chlorine and sweat can cause tangled and mated hair. If it is impossible to swim with your head out of the water, wear a swimming cap. Make sure your hair is arranged neatly beneath it, preferably tied up in a pony tail first. When exercising, a pony tail is also best.

Sleeping also tangles hair. Sleeping with wet hair results in even more tangles. You should therefore dry your hair completely before going to bed. It would also be better to tie your hair or wrap it before lying down.

When you have hair extensions you should allow your hair and extensions to dry naturally because heat from the hair dryer will loosen the bonds that connect the extensions to your natural hair. Blow drying and the use of curling irons will also have to be avoided when styling because they will produce the same side effects.

Your hair and extensions should be combed or brushed very gently. Use only a soft bristle brush. Combing and brushing should always be downward and should start from the very ends of the hair in order to gently disengage tangles. This should be done two to three times a day to keep hair tangle free.

The appropriate leave in conditioner will keep hair soft. If overdone, however, hair conditioner itself can build up and be the cause of tangling. This can also happen with other hair products. Hair products that contain alcohol should be avoided because they dry out the hair. Your hair professional should be consulted on the right products to use.

Even the best care can not undo the damage done by the improper application of hair extensions, though. In fact, there are even reports that the wrong ways of attaching hair extensions can lead to hair loss. You should, therefore, trust only the best Tampa beauty and hair salon for your hair extensions. In fact, you should only go to the best for your haircut, hair color, highlights and keratin hair treatment, as well. That means going to Salon Monaco in Tampa, of course.

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