How To Attach Hair Extensions To Really Short Hair

23 May; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How To Attach Hair Extensions To Really Short Hair

Hair extensions have been around for years, and they are continuing to increase in popularity as new styles and application techniques appear on the market. Extensions can be used to instantly lengthen hair, add volume to thinning locks, or alter your appearance. They are also ideal for anyone who wants to try out a new hair color without using damaging chemicals.

Although hair extensions can transform short hair into long, flowing tresses, many women with short styles have concerns about the application process. Human hair extensions are ideal for short hair, and with careful application, they can be easily concealed. The most effective methods for applying hair extensions to short hair are heat fusion and gluing. To successfully apply the extensions, you need to have enough hair for the extension to grip onto, and the attachments should not be too heavy.

One of the best ways to attach human hair extensions to very short hair is the fusion method. This professional method uses heat and a polymer bond to attach the extension to your own hair. The extension fuses with your hair and creates a smooth line. Small sections of hair are attached to your natural hair near the roots, and the bond is rolled around your hair to form a complete seal.

For those who have hair that is several inches in length, the gluing method can be very effective. This involves using a hair weft which is essentially a curtain of hair. Wefts should be applied to clean, dry hair. It is easiest to begin at the lower portion of your scalp. Part your hair horizontally, leaving a one inch section at the bottom. Clip the rest of your hair on top of your head, so it’s out of the way. Trim the extension to match the width of your scalp. Apply glue to the top of the weft, and attach the weft to the roots of your hair. Continue this process throughout your head, sectioning off your hair as you go. This technique will give your hair natural movement.

The most difficult part of applying hair extensions to short hair is the blending process. There are several ways to ensure that your extensions will blend into your own natural hair. Choosing the right color is the most important step in creating a seamless look. Wear your hair in a straight style, and use a flat iron to smooth out the add-ons. To eliminate any bulges created by the extension, carefully use a straight razor down your hair starting where the extensions begin. You can also wear hair accessories to hide any noticeable bumps that the extension creates.

When applied properly, hair extensions can appear as natural as your own hair. Extensions continue to improve in quality and design every year, and new application techniques make the process simple enough to do at home. Human hair extensions can provide you with an entirely new style, update your look, or give you the thick, full hair you’ve always wanted.

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