How to apply hair colour products

8 August; Author: Hair Extensions Australia

How to apply hair colour products

How to apply hair colour products




Women are always altering their appearance to fit in with the latest fashion developments. Hair is one aspect of their appearance that receives great attention. Depending on whether the shade of the hair colouring is dark or light, individuals need to be aware that in applying hair colour products they may not always get the colour they desire. The objective of this article is to provide individuals with an effective way of applying hair colouring without ultimately ruining your head of hair.


Different types of hair colouring


There are different shades of hair colouring, and users must be aware that when applying a darker shade on to light hair the result is almost always what you desire, however going from dark hair to a lighter shade can be more difficult and requires more layers of hair colour. Subsequently, applying more layers of hair colour to your hair can be damaging and could create a dry and dull texture. There are various types of hair colour products including permanent hair colour, semi permanent hair colour, hair dye and henna (natural) hair colour. It is important to be aware of the three different layers of hair so that you can understand how the different hair colour treatments work. The medulla is the innermost layer of the hair, the cortex surrounds the medulla and the cuticle is the outermost layer of hair. Permanent hair colour consists of chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide so that it infiltrates the innermost layer of the hair, which makes it difficult to be washed away by simply applying shampoo. These hair colour products usually provide a lighter shade. Semi permanent hair colour does not consist of the strong chemicals that are found in permanent hair colouring; therefore do not last as long. It usually takes up to 6 weeks for this hair colour to fade away, depending on how often you shampoo your hair. hair dye coloris composed of weak chemicals which can be washed away with one or two shampoos, hence making this type of hair colouring temporary. Finally, henna is a natural hair colour product, which is the safest option for your hair as it is not as damaging however does not last very long and colours are limited.





There are various hair colour products that are offered on the market today, it is essential to make an informed decision on which product is most suitable for you. Individuals who desire permanent hair colour change must take into consideration the texture of their hair as strong chemicals such as ammonia and peroxide are damaging. Then, there are those that are looking for semi permanent hair colour to alter their appearance for fashionable reasons.

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